Take out a personal loan now

Modified loans are special forms of credit that offer the possibility even to particular categories of applicants to obtain a personal loan. Among those who find some difficulties in being approved to apply for a loan to deal with any type of expenditure, we find all those people who are not in possession of an […]

What are the costs of a mini loan

If you are considering taking out a mini-loan, you of course want to know first what such a mini-loan will cost you. First of all, it is good to know that the financial institutions that offer a mini-loan since the end of May 2011 are all under the supervision of the AFM (Netherlands Authority for […]

Can I borrow money? Ask for a loan.

There are situations where you need money.   For example, you want to renovate because a number of roof tiles have been blown away, or you suddenly have to have a new washing machine. You want to borrow money, but you have to ask yourself: can I borrow money ? And that also includes the […]

How suitable your company is to get a loan?

Always an exciting moment: are the figures of my company good enough to be able to get loan?   Such a credit check is essential for a lender. In this article we explain why, and how we check the creditworthiness of each company. What is creditworthiness? The creditworthiness of your company expresses how suitable your […]