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Diokno Bank is a large bank operating in the Russian Federation. A credit institution is actively involved in the state program to support small business and entrepreneurship. The bank offers various loan products, including letters of credit, guarantees, leasing.

A business can issue credit funds not only in national currency but also foreign (euro, US dollars).

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Diokno Bank simplified the procedure for processing a loan for small businesses.

The main conditions for obtaining long-awaited funds are:

  • the presence of a profitable business;
  • registration – at least six months ago;
  • no arrears of wages, taxes, other types of payments and fees, as well as arrears on existing loans.

How to make?

How to make?

Diokno Bank works with each small business representative individually. Conditions, requirements for each client are prepared on the basis of the specifics of the business, the availability of existing loans.

The financial and economic indicators of the enterprise are also taken into account: turnover, profit, etc.

To get one of the proposed Diokno Bank loan programs, small business representatives need to:

  • contact the nearest office of Diokno Bank, get advice;
  • collect the required documents by the bank;
  • wait for the decision from the bank, with a positive response to sign a loan agreement and get the money.

Loan to small business without collateral and guarantors at Diokno Bank

Loan to small business without collateral and guarantors at Diokno Bank

Diokno Bank has prepared various small business lending programs, but getting a loan without collateral (surety) is quite difficult.

Below, in the table, all current offers of the bank are given, as well as the possibility of processing without collateral:

Credit program Max loan Interest rates Maximal crediting period The need for a guarantee, collateral
“Kommersant” 4,000,000 17-18% (with security) 21-22.5% (without security) 3 years It is possible to get a loan without collateral, but the loan rate will be higher
“Business Mortgage” from 14.5% 10 years On bail
“Investment” from 850,000 15% of the loan amount can not provide collateral
“Overdraft” 1 year or 2 years, tranches every 30 or 60 days Without collateral
“Trust” 5 years On bail
“Revolving” from 15% 2 years 15% of the loan amount can not provide collateral
“Loan for mortgage property” 150,000,000 after examining payability 10 years On bail

At the opening

At the opening

One of the basic requirements for obtaining a loan at Diokno Bank is the existence of a business that generates a profit of at least six months.

That is, a representative of a small business can apply to the bank only 6 months after the registration of the enterprise.

Unfortunately, the bank does not offer a special program for opening its own business from scratch.

Representatives of small businesses can use the special “Investment” program only if they already have a profitable business and wish to open another one or expand an existing enterprise.

Of course, opening the business itself from scratch can individually contact the bank, providing a business plan, justifying it. The credit committee will review all documents and provide a solution.

Another way to get a loan to start your own business is to get a loan as an individual.

This may be an express loan, consumer loan, cash loan, loan secured by property (car, apartment, etc.).

Would you like to know under what conditions Diokno Bank Bank overdraft is issued for legal entities? In our article, you will find the answer to this, and many other questions relating to this bank.

If you decide to apply for a consumer loan, we recommend reviewing the proposals of Diokno Bank Bank on consumer loans.

On the development of

For the development of small business is an ideal program “Kommersant”. This is an express loan, which the bank provides for any purpose, including development, expansion of the business. Loan terms are maximally simplified.

Clients have the opportunity to apply for a loan without collateral and a guarantee at 21-22.5%, or by providing liquid collateral – at 17-18%. Credit can be issued in the amount of 500 000 rubles.

The financing period can be up to 36 months.
Also implementing a new project, a small business can use the program “Investment”, which is designed for 10 years.

Interest rates

Rates for credit programs designed for small businesses are set for each client individually and depending on the loan that the “business” is counting on.

The final figure is known only after a detailed study by the credit committee of the financial condition of the company.

Base rates from 14.5% per year. To reduce interest rates on a loan, you can provide liquid collateral, increase turnover, reduce payables.

Requirements for borrowers

Representatives of small business, applying for a loan to the bank, must be prepared for the specific requirements that the bank puts forward before providing funds.

The main conditions for obtaining a loan:

1. Individual entrepreneurs:

  • age – not less than 21 years;
  • Permanent registration in the region where there is a representative office of the bank;
  • IP registration – at least six months ago.

2. For legal entities:

  • registration at least six months ago;
  • positive profit;
  • the absence of overdue payables and debts to the tax authority, other government agencies and employees of the enterprise.

Required documents

For registration of credit, the IP prepares the following documents:

  • application form;
  • loan application;
  • passport;
  • TIN;
  • IP registration certificate;
  • licenses, patents (if any);
  • tax returns;
  • bank statements confirming turnover, etc.

For a loan, representatives of a legal entity prepare the following documents:

  • application form;
  • registration documents;
  • constituent documents;
  • passports and TIN business owners;
  • financial statements, etc.

Maximum and minimum amounts

Credit limits, as well as other parameters, depending on the selected program. The minimum limit of 500,000 rubles is available in the Kommersant program.

The maximum amount of the loan can reach 150,000,000 rubles, and it is available in the program “Loan for collateral”.

Despite the established limits, the bank can provide a loan in the amount requested by the client only after studying its solvency.


The period for which a loan can be issued depends directly on the program that the borrower wishes to apply for. The term for which you can take a loan – from 1 year (“Overdraft”) to 10 years.

But, the client can apply in writing to the bank (credit committee) with a request to increase (decrease) the crediting period on an individual basis.

In this case, it is necessary to justify the cause. Bank representatives will review the application and provide an answer.

Debt repayment

Debt repayment

The loan debt is repaid according to the provided payment schedule. This document is an integral part of the loan agreement. The loan is usually repaid on a monthly basis on a certain day.

If the specifics of doing business are non-standard, exceptions are possible (payments several times a week, quarterly, once every six months).

If the client does not repay on the appointed day, the bank charges a penalty.
Payment is transferred in a cashless form, from settlement to a credit account.

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Pros and cons

Pros and cons

Advantages for small businesses to get a loan at Diokno Bank are numerous, here are some of them:

  • an operational decision on some programs, for example, Kommersant;
  • minimum package of documents;
  • providing a loan for any purpose;
  • you can get a loan without collateral and intermediaries (not all programs);
  • no fees for registration and early repayment (not for all programs);
  • granting a delay until half a year (“Business-credit”, “Investment”, “Target”);
  • individual work with each client.

As for the shortcomings, experts say the following: taking a loan to start a business from scratch is not possible, loan rates are not always the same as shown in the basic conditions, they are often much higher.