9 anime for Star Trek fans

star trek is a legendary sci-fi series with so many iterations that fans can easily spend countless hours watching various spinoffs. The principle is simple: go boldly where no one has gone before. star trek is a staple of science fiction, with forays into other genres, such as space opera. Some fans may be disappointed with how Discovery Where picard proved. But, for these fans, scratch that Trek itching may be easier than they think.

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For fans of both Trek and anime, there’s no shortage of series to go through with similar ideas in mind. Whether they involve giant robots or massive spaceships, several anime shows capture that feeling that even star trek sometimes fails to deliver.

9 Irresponsible Captain Tylor is a prank where a Doofus fails to the top

Irresponsible Captain Tylor is a show where humans are at war with an evil empire. Justy Ueki Tylor only joins the military because he thinks it’s an easy way to retire in luxury and get three meals a day. He accidentally defuses a hostage situation that puts him in command of his ship. This ship is where all the junk goes, and the military hopes it blows itself up.

This series is for those who don’t mind a little humor in their space operas. Captain Tylor always finds ways to outsmart and confuse his crew, commanders, and the enemy. He’s an enigma to everyone, but he really is an incredibly lucky guy.

8 Outlaw Star is the quest for a mysterious treasure

In outlaw star, Gene Starwind and Jim Hawkins acquire a spaceship and a mysterious wife from a space pirate they were protecting. The three end up traveling through space, searching for a place called the Galactic Leyline. Gene is anxious about going to space due to his past, but he’s ready to put that fear aside to gain the freedom he’s always wanted.

This series deals with themes such as exploration, the pursuit of dreams and existentialism. outlaw star is a classic series that would appeal to the sensibility of a star trek fan. It’s got style and action in spades and tons of spaceships and worlds to explore.

seven Captain Harlock is a space pirate classic

Captain Harlock is about a man who abandoned Earth because of his laziness and frivolity. The eponymous Harlock decides to defend Earth only because of a girl named Mayu, the daughter of his dear old friend. He must fight the Mazone Empire while being a mentor to his crew.

Captain Harlock aired in the 1970s and still wins fans to this day. This is partly due to its compelling character work and sci-fi action. star trek fans can enjoy the exploration of outer space and the presence of an evil alien race much like the Klingons. Harlock brings a lot to the table, and it’s a series not to be overlooked due to its age.

6 Gurren Lagann breaks down barriers

gurren lagann is the rise of humanity from being on the brink of extinction to thriving in space. Beastmen rule the surface and humans live underground. However, when a few humans discover a robot, they join a revolution to take it all back.

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This series is not space oriented at first, but the protagonists go higher and higher until the show becomes a space opera in its own right. Mechs become spaceships and grow to the size of galaxies. gurren lagann is to do the impossible and never give up, a message that Starfleet could well understand.

5 Galaxy Express 999 is a thrill ride

galaxy express 999 is about an intergalactic railroad and its passengers. The story mainly centers around two longtime passengers, Maetel and Tetsuro. They travel between distant planets to achieve their goals, and along the way encounter dangers and intrigue.

galaxy express 999 would appeal to star trek fans due to its exploratory nature and classic sci-fi appeal. Tetsuro’s ultimate goal is to be a cyborg; the series gets philosophical about it. There is also a bit of crossover with Captain Harlock because it is from the same creator. The series is a neat classic that shouldn’t be slept on.

4 Astra Lost In Space Is A Good Shonen Sci-Fi Show

astra takes place in the distant future where space travel is simple and easy. A group of teenagers are on a camping trip in a distant world when they are sucked into a wormhole and transported somewhere far away. The teens must find their way home while figuring out why they were sent through the wormhole.

Astra: Lost in Space is an exciting short series where the mystery is intriguing and the suspense thrilling. It would please star trek fans because of the many worlds the team discovers. Adding to it the conspiracies uncovered during their journey, astra proves to pack a lot of punch over its short run of episodes.

3 The legend of the galactic heroes looks like a super trek

Legend of Galactic Heroes is the story of two warring powers fighting for what they believe is right. The Empire tries to assert itself while the Free Planets Alliance fights for the liberation of its people. The series has no clear villain and is often praised for its depth.

star trek fans will love its philosophical discussions and ambiguous morality. The massive amount of characters means there’s always someone to talk to. star trek fans won’t mind the slow pace either, as it’s something they’re used to. At all costs, Legend of Galactic Heroes is a first-rate space opera.

2 Gundam Seed is really a space opera

The Gundam The franchise has been around for quite a long time. His influence on the mecha genre, as well as anime in general, cannot be overstated. If there was a series to recommend to star trek fans, that would be Gundam seed.

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Gundam Seed is the Gundam series that most closely resembles a space opera. A spaceship crew travels through space in an attempt to survive attacks from the forces of evil. star trek fans will love the space travel aspects of the first series.

1 Space battleship Yamato never ceases to amaze

Space Battleship Yamato (Where Star Blazers as it is also called) features a warship called the Yamato which was converted into a spacecraft in the year 2199. The Yamato is humanity’s last hope in a future where aliens have forced humans to land.

Yamato has that classic space opera vibe. Aspects of space exploration and space battle scream StarTrek. However, the the series pulls no punches when it comes to Yamato being humanity’s last hope. Yamato is one to watch with a The next generation style and history boat.

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