A NASA scientist replies: “Is there water on Mars?”

NASA took advantage of its YouTube channel to add a new video to its “We Asked a NASA Scientist” series collection.

In this week’s episode, Mars geologist Eva Scheller replies, “Is there water on Mars?Yes“, but it really depends on how water is defined. Scheller goes on to explain that water has one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms and that water on Mars is not like the water on Earth and occurs as ice, it is a mixture of CO2 and water, and is found at the poles of Mars and on the surface.

Additionally, Scheller says water can be trapped in rocks as well, and various different NASA missions have measured the contents. The last form of water that has yet to be found on Mars is liquid water, but there are theories that it may be present. Researchers suspect that dark streaks are called “Recurring slope lines“spotted in some hills could be caused by liquid water, but there are also other explanations on the table. So, is there water on Mars? Yes, but not like on Earth .


Recurring slope lines.

Jacques Connor

Jacques Connor

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