Adam King’s virtual hug goes to space with Virgin Galactic

A copy of six-year-old Adam King’s virtual hug was sent to space with Galactic

Dam King’s “A Hug for You” card has soared above the earth in a Virgin Galactic space shuttle.

In a video released by the US Space Flight Company, the virtual hug can be seen floating in the spacecraft towering over the earth.

The Virtual Hug was sent into orbit during a test flight as part of Virgin’s Unity project. The map was used as a weightless test object during flight to prove that the plane had indeed reached outer space.

“There is nothing more uplifting than a weightless hug. @AdamKingIRL, a 6 year old Irish boy, sent a heart shaped message on our last space flight. He dreams of becoming CAPCOM in Mission Control and has inspired thousands of people with his story and #AdamsVirtualHug movement. Virgin Galactic posted on Twitter.

Adam’s family have confirmed that a virtual hug has been “wrapped around the world.”

“Our family is so grateful to the entire Virgin Galactic team for bringing #adamsvirtualhug to space. Adam’s Hug is a symbol of love and connection. Thanks to Virgin, a virtual hug has been taken around the world We hope everyone is feeling it. This is where dreams are made! “

Adam, a six-year-old astronaut, told Ireland AM that his “hug was sent into space from a rocket”. Her father David said Virgin Galactic’s gesture was “beyond words”.

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