Amazon Workers Dish, Gates Alter Ego, SpaceX Launch

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1. Employees reveal what it’s like to work at Amazon. We investigated what the company looks like when it comes to hiring, firing, performance reviews, and more. Here’s everything you need to know to work on it.

2. SpaceX had to postpone yesterday’s rocket launch. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the launch was canceled because a plane entered the so-called “no-go zone.” Here’s what that means – and why Musk isn’t too thrilled about it.

3. Insiders say Bill Gates’ impeccable image was just good communication. People who worked with Gates told us that he was an angry office bully who pursued sex with older women. Here’s what else they said on the other side of Gates.

4. Facebook is worth $ 1,000 billion after a US court dismissed two antitrust lawsuits. The company’s victory in court spurred a rise in shares, making it the youngest U.S. company to hit the trillion dollar mark. More on that here.

5. Some Amazon warehouse workers in Seattle are struggling to cope with the heatwave. While the company gave ice-cold scarves to workers at some facilities, others said Amazon had been “ill-prepared” for the weather. A look at working conditions amid record heat.

6. A modified Tesla Model S Plaid accelerated to 3,400 feet to Pikes Peak in less than seven minutes. The training was part of this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, won by the modified Tesla. Watch him tear up Pikes Peak here.

7. Trump would have joined the Talking social media site – if he banned his critics. According to an excerpt from an upcoming book by Michael Wolff, Parler hesitated at the suggestion, which was made by Trump’s representatives. Read the rest of the excerpt.

8. You can still buy a new Windows 10 laptop, but Windows 11 requires specific hardware. The system requirements for Windows 11 are above 10, but most laptops sold in the past four years will meet them. Here’s what you’ll need to keep in mind.

9. Amazon is expanding its influencer program. As part of the e-commerce giant’s drive to work directly with creators, it is now recruiting stars from YouTube and Instagram to join its live streaming platform and sell products. How the program works.

10. Tech companies are revamping their plans for returning to the office. Uber decided to replace its original plan of firing employees back into the office with something a little more flexible. Additionally, a leaked memo shows Google employees can return to the office in July – and won’t have to wear masks if vaccinated.

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