Apptronik signs partnership with NASA for humanoid robots

Apptronik, an Austin, USA-based company specializing in the development of versatile mobile robotic systems, has entered into a partnership with NASA to accelerate the commercialization of its new humanoid robot.

The robot, called Apollo, will be one of the first humanoids available in commercial markets.

At Apptronik’s headquarters in Austin, Texas, the first Apollo prototype is now complete, with the expectation of wider commercial availability in 2023.

Images of Apollo have yet to be released and we’ve used another of Apptronk’s humanoid robots, Valkyrie, as the main image above.

Unlike special purpose robots which are only capable of a single repetitive task, Apollo is designed as a general purpose robot capable of performing a wide range of tasks in dynamic environments. Apollo will benefit workers in industries ranging from logistics, retail, hospitality, aerospace and beyond.

NASA is known worldwide for its contributions to the advancement of robotics technology. NASA first partnered with Apptronik in 2013 during the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC), where the founders were selected to work on NASA’s Valkyrie robot.

The government agency has now chosen Apptronik as a business partner to launch a new generation of versatile robots, starting with Apollo.

Jeff Cardenas, CEO and Co-Founder of Apptronik, said, “NASA’s continued investment validates the work we’re doing at Apptronik and the inflection point we’ve reached in robotics. The robots we’ve all dreamed of are now here and ready to release into the world.

“These robots will first become tools for us here on Earth, and ultimately help us reach beyond and explore the stars.”

In addition to its work with NASA, the Apptronik team has partnered with leading automotive OEMs, major transportation and logistics companies, and government agencies.

Boasting notable names including Dr. Nicholas Paine, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Apptronik and Dr. Luis Sentis, Co-Founder and Scientific Advisor, its team is respected as one of the best in the world.

A growing robotics hub, the Austin-based company continues to recruit top talent looking to bring their innovations to market now.

Apptronik is recognized for its focus on human-centered design, building beautifully designed and user-friendly robotic systems.

As part of this commitment, he chose leading design company argodesign as its design partner for Apollo with the goal of creating robots that can work alongside humans in our most critical industries. The team is now focused on scaling Apollo so it can be ready for the customer in 2023.

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