As Spaces moves towards a “normal market”, what impact will this have on the competition?

On the Space to Grow podcast, Astroscale’s Chris Blackerby and Charity Weeden bring their compelling experience and expertise to map the technology, international politics and scalability that will define the next generation of space exploration.

In this episode, Kevin O’Connell discussed his career in government that led him to his current business of informing and defining space commerce as a consultant for companies around the world. As Founder and CEO of Space Economy Rising, LLC, O’Connell speaks about the past and future of space commerce. With decades of experience working in government institutions, including the White House, as well as speaking before U.S. congressional committees on a variety of issues, O’Connell is uniquely positioned to provide insight into an industry that is both elusive and relevant.

Asked about his transition to the private sector, O’Connell spoke of his decision as follows:

“We’ve had a lot of people talk to us over the last few years saying, hey Kevin, you just gotta slow this thing down. You have to slow down all this work, especially in lower Earth orbit. And, in our view, we looked very carefully for data-driven approaches to regulation that we were going to regulate. What would be the analytical basis on which we would do it.

We worked with the FCC when it released its Orbital Debris Mitigation Guidelines to agree which elements of this rule are supported by which types of evidence. And, in many cases, there was a lot of wishful thinking, but there wasn’t a lot of rigorously collected data to back it up. And I would say that misinformed regulation based on wishful thinking can really do enormous damage to an industry. So you have to think about it that way. i think you do.”

This intriguing podcast then explores O’Connell’s transition out of government and what he does now in the private sector, as well as the lessons he brings to his current business.

Of the many hats O’Connell wears, the most important of his current contributions is in the field of spatial economics. This includes advising companies on

  • Space industry
  • Technology
  • Space finance community
  • The basics that need to be done as a start-up business in this field
  • Competitors
  • Orbital Debris Mitigation Strategies
  • Cybersecurity strategies
  • Investment risk management
  • And much more.

Tune in to learn from this renowned expert as the discussion covers everything from how he got where he is to what he envisions for the future of space economics.

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