Astronaut Gets Haircut by ISS Teammate: “Welcome to the NASA Lounge”

Astronaut Matthias Maurer shared the video on Twitter which shows him getting his hair cut by his teammate Raja Chari on the International Space Station. In the video, Maurer can be seen kneeling and holding onto the spaceship as Chari uses a clipper to cut his hair.

In a witty tweet, Maurer called Chari a barber and a man of many talents. He also said astronauts don’t want hair in their eyes. “Step into the space salon where the barber @astro_raja is a man of many talents Because none of us want to have hair in our eyes, or – worse yet – @Space_Station systems, our hair clippers come with a vacuum. Five stars for the service of this space stylist, ”wrote Maurer.

Previously, “floating pizza” on the ISS and astronaut training videos had taken the internet by storm.

Watch the video here:

The video shared on December 19 has garnered over 29,000 views to date. Internet users were captivated after watching the video. They were intrigued by gravity and “getting their hair cut”.

“It’s amazing how the things that are so easy on Earth that it will be a little hard in space, then seeing them in the ISS makes me appreciate all the little things I have on Earth,” he said. commented a user. Another also joked, “the NASA space lounge”.

In August of this year, French astronaut Thomas Pesquet posted a clip of enjoy a pizza with other astronauts aboard the spaceship. Pesquet had shared another video presenting his training in the ISS.

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