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The space combat game 2021 Chorus dives into the interstellar adventures of Nara, a warrior belonging to a cult that has wronged her. As she becomes a fugitive, she travels through deep space seeking revenge. Besides the usual cosmic flight and weaponry, Chorus adds a mythical element to it with the antagonistic organization Circle. As the cult is led by a figure called the “Great Prophet”, the game also tends to fall into the space fantasy genre.

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Open to positive reviews from fans and critics, Chorus will invite players to experience similar games that subvert the familiar space combat formula. This would include first-person space simulators, space exploration adventures, and dark fantasy games set in the cosmos.


Star Wars Squadrons

Star Wars Squadrons Tie-Fighter vs. X-Wing

Star Wars Squadrons is the latest addition to the long list of video games based on star wars movies. Set after the events of Return of the Jediit allows players to operate iconic starships from the New Republic as well as the Galactic Empire.

Chorus and many other “space opera type” games certainly seem to have some influence from star wars‘ rich heritage. So if space sim fans want to get a mix of new-age tech with classic sci-fi lore, then Star Wars Squadrons feels like the perfect choice.

Elite: Dangerous

Elite Dangerous Key Illustration

The multiplayer mode of Elite: Dangerous is so immersive that individual player actions can dramatically alter the existence of the game’s online universe. Also available in single-player mode, Elite Dangerous focuses on controlling a spaceship and role-playing various activities to earn credit.

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Although the focus is more on the role-playing element than on narrative construction, the fourth installment of the Elite franchise would impress fans of Chorus. The realities of games like this end up raising the stakes with dimension-altering events. But if gamers need a break in favor of space games with less dramatic consequences, then Elite Dangerous is an interesting look at the daily activities of a space explorer.

solar ash

Promo art for Solar Ash featuring the protagonist dashing across the neon-colored surface

In a genre dominated by the lore of the same old alien invasion movies, solar ash serves as a breath of fresh air. The adventure platformer centers on Rei, a droid who sets out to save her planet from a black hole.

With such a premise, solar ash tends to explore deeper concepts like trauma and survival. The protagonists of both solar ash and Chorus tend to embark on ambitious missions in which they might even fail. But still, they carry the hope that their intergalactic pursuits will bear fruit.


An AI looks at an astronaut through a camera in Observation

There have been space survival games in the past, but Observation is unconventional in that it allows players to control a spaceship’s AI system instead of the crew. As the astronauts go missing on a failed mission, players must take control of the AI, recover its memories, and solve the mystery. Whether or not the AI ​​is the bad guy is what makes up the rest of the premise.

Observation is a rare stealth game in the space genre that also incorporates philosophical nuances about humanity and survival. It’s far from the action and adventure of Chorus but a nice break from the usual adrenaline-fueled sci-fi gameplay.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

A spaceship flying through space in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Cropped

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is a space-western that involves intense dogfights of spaceships. At the same time, players need to explore different planets in order to earn credits for purchasing such ships. It involves side activities such as resource mining, bounty hunter work, or even space arcade mini-games.

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With the variety of game options Rebel Galaxy Outlaw offers under the space genre, the game is diverse enough to pique the interest of Chorus players. It has a balanced amount of story-based gameplay and various side quests.

Population zero

Soldiers standing in an open field at Population Zero

As the planet Kepler turns into an unlivable hell in 168 hours, it’s up to players to survive against all odds and prevent the impending apocalypse. This is the central story of Population zeroa massive multiplayer online game where players must survive in the wilderness of space.

The “race against the clock” concept will satisfy the adrenaline needs of Chorus fans as even in the latter, Nara lacks time to uncover her past with the cult as well as a larger conspiracy involving the “Great Prophet”.


Ceto's Outer Rim Distractor has a strange Hydra Anemone growing on it in Everspace 2

Released in 2017, Everspace incorporates features of a 3D space shooter video game, a non-linear storyline, and retro-style roguelike role-playing games. As players progress through various space sectors, they can upgrade their ships, embark on quests by non-playable characters, and even die (and then be resurrected and unlock what the game calls “perks”) ).

The gameplay style and approach is definitely unconventional, garnering immense acclaim from fans and critics alike. With a sequel slated for release in 2023, Everspace is a must-have for aficionados of new-age sci-fi games like Chorus.

EVE online

Screenshot of Massacre of M2-XFE in EVE Online

EVE onlineThe uniqueness of comes from the fact that it goes beyond the usual tropes of space colonization in science fiction. In fact, players of this huge online multiplayer game can even resort to mining, hacking, exploration and other activities.

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Fundamentally, EVE online imagine a cosmic future where modern society and its daily activities can also exist. This will impress fans of Chorus, because this game adds the possibility of religions and cults in space. It’s a new addition to spatial narratives that otherwise just tend to go down an action-heavy route.

Mass Effect 3

The best Mass Effect 3 teammates in the Legendary Edition (3)

If players need to play a third person shooter with an impressive story, then Mass Effect 3 should be their choice. In the final chapter of Shepard’s Mass Effect trilogy, the game concludes the adventures of Commander Shepard as he struggles to forge an alliance between humans and an alien species that operates synthetic-organic spaceships.

Shepard is pushed towards the fight even though he tried to have a peaceful solution. The circumstances that force the protagonist to resort to gray areas are comparable to the situation in Nara in Chorus. The latter character is also forced to go against his own in the face of betrayal.

UEDI Shadow of the Citadel

UEDI (pronounced like “Weddy”) is a passionate journalist on an alien planet facing an interplanetary lockdown. The cause of this event is its authoritarian dictator. UEDI’s choices and movements would determine in players the discovery of a larger plot involving the authoritarian figure and the history of the planet.

With its political premise and open-world gameplay, UEDI Shadow of the Citadel is ideal for those who like to play Chorus. The central characters of both games also move beyond the “space soldier” archetype, signaling the arrival of fresher themes in the space genre.

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