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Nasa took to Instagram to share the viral photo which has now had people hooked.

Nasa’s latest article is simply fascinating and also instructive. However, that’s not all the action has to offer. It’s also a post that may leave you confused as the space agency asked people to identify the objects featured in the image they shared. Can you guess what they are?

“What do you see in the picture? A mini @NASAWebb telescope, or maybe two starfighters from a galaxy far, far away? Nasa wrote as the first lines of the message. They then mentioned what the image actually shows. “These are some of the many snowflake images collected by NASA’s IMPACTS mission, which studies snowstorms common to the Northeastern United States,” they wrote.

You may be wondering how these particle samples are collected. Well, NASA answered that too. “Flying straight into snowstorms of course! Instruments and probes attached to the P-3 aircraft are capable of collecting samples to measure snow particles and atmospheric properties in storm clouds,” they added. In the following lines, they also explained in more detail the operation of the instruments of the aircraft. They concluded the message by sharing the purpose of the mission.

Take a look at the post that might leave you mesmerized:

The post was shared a day ago. Since posting, the share has garnered nearly four lakh likes and counts. The post also prompted people to share various responses. A few jokingly wrote “TIE fighter” as they remembered the fictional spaceship from the Star Wars world.

“Awesome!” wrote an Instagram user. “Snowflakes,” correctly guessed another. Some also wrote that they saw Captain America’s shield, another fictional object from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some people also posted heart emoticons to show their reactions.

What do you think of the post? Did you understand what the picture shows without reading the caption?

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