Finance debt – Jenam 2011 Thu, 30 Sep 2021 15:40:26 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Finance debt – Jenam 2011 32 32 Homebase backed by YC is an alternative to traditional mortgages for home buyers in Vietnam – TechCrunch Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:38:29 +0000

Homebase co-founders Phillip An and Junyuan Tan. Image credits: Home base

Vietnam’s homeownership rate is about 90%, but many millennials are struggling to reach that number. Rising property prices in cities, coupled with a lack of financing options, means more people have to delay buying their first home unless they have family support.

Part of the last batch of Y Combinator, Home base was founded in 2019 to offer potential buyers in Vietnam an alternative to traditional financing. Homebase acts as a co-investor, buying a share of the property with clients, who then have the option of buying equity from Homebase until they become full ownership, or selling the property for their share of the proceeds. In the meantime, buyers pay Homebase a rent equal to the company’s stake and have full rights to use the house, so they can live in or rent it.

Co-founders Junyuan Tan and Phillip An originally started Homebase in Singapore, but decided to focus on Vietnam because Tan had lived there while working at his previous startups, RePrice Technologies and Atlantis Lab. Tan wanted to buy a house, but found that bank mortgages charged high interest rates, even on short-term loans.

“If you look at the whole of Southeast Asia, compared to Europe or the United States, there really aren’t any other solutions, like government programs or funding solutions. hire-purchase, ”Phillip An, COO of Homebase, told TechCrunch.

Its model is similar to Divvy Homes and ZeroDown in the US and, in fact, the executives of both startups have invested in Homebase (Divvy Homes co-founder Brian Ma and former ZeroDown COO Troy Steckenrider). Home base other funders include VinaCapital Ventures, Class 5 Global, Pegasus Technology Ventures, 1982 Ventures, Antler and Darius Cheung, the founder and CEO of

Most of Homebase’s transactions are currently in Ho Chi Minh City and Saigon, and it plans to expand to Hanoi and Danang by the end of this year. Ultimately, Homebase’s goal is to penetrate other Southeast Asian markets where homeowners also face a dearth of financing options, such as Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. .

In Vietnam, around 70% of adults are “unbanked”, which means they don’t have a bank account, which makes it difficult to apply for a mortgage. An said some Homebase customers use the service because they are unbanked. Other customers have financial accounts, but see Homebase as a faster, more flexible option for bank loans.

Its contracts range from one to 10 years, and upon completion, clients have the option of buying the entire equity in the property or selling it with Homebase to recoup their investment. The amount of stock that customers initially buy also varies. For example, homebuyers who use Homebase as an alternative to mortgages typically take an initial 20-30% stake in the property, while real estate investors often start with a 50% stake.

Homebase finances its ownership interest in part by working with third party financial institutions, including high net worth private individuals and family offices who see it as an opportunity to diversify their holdings into a new asset class. An said the company also caters to different types of funds, including equity, hedge, real estate debt and emerging market debt, Europe, the United States and Singapore.

To select candidates, Homebase has an internal checklist and onboarding process, and it also works with real estate agents, developers and other partners in Vietnam.

For these third parties, Homebase serves as a value-added tool that helps them close more deals by providing customers with a way to obtain financing. Homebase also performs due diligence on potential properties, including reviewing documentation and permits, and has built an asset valuation model based on existing real estate data, transaction data and developer information.

An said this rating service, which Homebase is expanding, is a key part of the business as it provides buyers with assurance that the business incentives are aligned with theirs.

“We are also risking our investment,” he said. “Many clients are also first-time buyers and they want more help finding a good property.

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Longtime Midland Car Dealer Dirk B. Waltz Remembers As “Auto Industry Legend” Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:38:18 +0000
Dirk Waltz, founder of Dirk Waltz Buick in Midland, died on Wednesday. He was 97 years old.

MIDLAND – One of Midland’s oldest businessmen is remembered as a hardworking and trustworthy person.

Dirk B. Waltz, founder of Dirk Waltz Buick, died Wednesday at MidMichigan Medical Center in Midland. He was 97 years old.

“The man was everyone’s friend,” said Alan Ott, retired chairman and chairman of the Chemical Bank.

Waltz served on the board of directors of Chemical Financial Corp. from 1960 to 1983.

“He was a good businessman because he trusted people and people trusted him,” Ott said. “He was an interesting man who had a lot of good people around him. He was intelligent and very philanthropic.

Born September 16, 1913, Waltz served as a turret gunner for the US Navy during World War II and was a member of the Midland Rotary Club.

He married Charlotte “Jean” Waltz in 1935 in Midland and the couple had two children, Gretchen Waltz and Dirk D. Waltz.

Jean Waltz died in 1994.

After Dirk B. Waltz retired at the age of 70, his son and grandson, Dirk D. Waltz and Dirk A. Waltz took over the concession at 718 E. Buttles St.

Tim Nash, vice president of strategic and corporate alliances and professor of economics at Northwood University, called Waltz an “auto industry legend.”

dagger with dog old photo.jpg

“What a great man,” said Nash, who, as a student at Northwood, first met Waltz in the 1970s.

“He was in his sixties; just a wonderful, energetic guy, ”Nash said. “He had built a very successful business. I just remember him as being very nice.

Nash said that during his prime, Waltz devoted much of his time and business skills to college, including helping with fundraising, giving talks to guests, and serving on panels. dealers.

He noted that three generations of the Waltz family have been involved in the management of the concession founded by Dirk B. Waltz.

“This is one of the oldest family dealerships and frankly they are gearing up for the fourth generation,” Nash said. “The fact that some of the younger people are starting to consider running the business is a testament to the foundation Mr. Waltz established in 1945 when he started the dealership. “

Tom Thelen, chairman of Thelen Auto Group in Bangor Township, said he did not know Waltz personally, but his reputation predated him.

“He had a splendid reputation in the industry,” Thelen said. “He was more of a naturalist, he liked the outdoors. “

In the early 1960s, Waltz opened Waltz’s Animal Farm on 2 acres of land in his summer home on the shores of Saginaw Bay in Linwood. The farm, free to the public, was occupied by dozens of animals, including chickens, a donkey, a cow, horses and deer. Waltz also owned a Saint Bernard named Max.

Waltz news story.jpgA 1968 Times article about Waltz’s animal farm in Linwood.

In a 1968 Bay City Times article, Waltz spoke of his love for animals.

“People told me it would never work. They said all of these different types of animals just wouldn’t get along, ”Waltz said. “Instead, you couldn’t ask for greater harmony.”

Rachael Walsh, a Linwood resident helping restore the Linwood Icehouse Museum, a project supported by Waltz, said the petting zoo is a staple in the Linwood Beach community.

“Papa Dirk – that’s what I would call him – loved this petting zoo,” said Walsh, who lived down the road from Waltz. “He loved to have fun and was a good neighbor. I think he would be happy to know that everyone thought he was a good neighbor.

Waltz’s funeral is Saturday at 11 a.m. at the Presbyterian Memorial Church, 1310 Ashman St. Interment service at Midland City Cemetery, 3220 Orchard Drive, at 3 p.m. Reverend Wallace H. Mayton III officiates the service.

Funerals are hosted by Ware Smith Woolever Funeral Home, 1200 W. Wheeler St. Visitation is 2 to 4 p.m. and 6 to 8 p.m. on Friday and at the church at 10 a.m. on Saturday until time of service.

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ING initiatives support climate objectives Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:38:06 +0000

ING recently acted as a structuring advisor and active bookrunner on the EUR 850 million Sustainability Bond (SLB) for LafargeHolcim.

The transaction represents a few firsts. This is the first SLB for a company in the building materials sector and ING’s first SLB structuring mandate.

The target to be reached is both relevant and validated to ensure its impact. The building materials company is committed to reducing its CO emissions2 intensity in cement, serving as an important example for the global cement industry which currently accounts for eight percent of total carbon emissions. And the target will be validated by the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi). SBTi, a partnership between CDP, the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), helps companies set targets for reducing gas emissions greenhouse in accordance with climate science.

The transaction demonstrates ING’s commitment to helping its customers and society work towards a low-carbon economy, as envisioned by the Paris Agreement on climate change.

In other areas as well, ING continues to strengthen its leadership position in Europe and the world in sustainable finance.

In the fourth quarter of 2020, we supported the issuance of four green bonds, three sustainable bonds, one sustainability bond and one transition bond. ING also supported six sustainability improvement loans, three green loans and two green Schuldscheins, as well as two sustainable structured finance operations.

EU taxonomy

Always in the continuity of its commitment in the field of sustainable finance, ING is one of the 26 major banks who joined the European Banking Federation and the United Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) to assess how the EU taxonomy on sustainable activities can be applied to basic banking products to businesses. labeling or disclosure purposes.

The aim of EU taxonomy is to create a common classification system for sustainable economic activities. Establishing a common language and clear definitions of what is “sustainable” is seen as an important step that will stimulate investment in sustainable projects and activities as part of the achievement of climate and energy goals. ‘EU for 2030 and the achievement of the European Green Agreement.

Participating banks applied the taxonomy in a post-transaction analysis to 40 open or recently closed transactions and existing customer relationships. These encompassed a wide range of industries and economic activities, as well as a diverse set of banking products, corporate structures and customer geographic locations, providing unique insight and information value.

The ING case study examined a recent transaction involving a revolving credit facility (RCF) to a French real estate company listed in the Paris region active in the rental of offices, housing and student residences and also active in the development of new buildings in these asset classes. .

Commenting on the exercise, ING Group CEO Steven van Rijswijk said ING was happy to contribute to the development of the “fantastic work” of UNEP FI and the European Banking Federation. “We see taxonomy as a sustainable finance tool not only for asset managers but also for banks, because we can play an important role in financing the transition to a low carbon economy. This will certainly help us orient our loan portfolio towards the climate goals of the Paris Agreement, which we call our Terra approach.

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Where to go for double-digit returns Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:37:48 +0000 The hottest thing about capital markets is something that few mutual fund investors know about, and those who do tend to avoid it. But the surprisingly high returns – up to half the year – make these typically institutional investments worth another look.

These instruments are Secured Loan Bonds, or CLOs. For individual investors, they’re mostly the preserve of a few closed-end funds, or CEFs, and used sparingly in a handful of open-end mutual funds. A CLO is a credit derivative, made up of leveraged business loans, making them first cousins ​​of junk bonds. But leveraged loans pose less risk than these bonds on two fronts. First from the point of view of credit, because loans are paid before bonds and stocks, but also from the point of view of interest rates, because loans are generally at variable rates and therefore do not fall in price when rates rise, as do fixed rate bonds.

CLOs are made up of loans cut into slices. The higher debt tranche is paid first and therefore is the least risky and least profitable, with each subsequent tranche being paid more to be further back in the queue. Finally, there is the “equity” tranche, which gets the greatest rewards for the greatest risk.

All of these can sound a lot like secured debt securities, or CDOs, among the things Warren Buffett called “financial weapons of mass destruction” before they exploded dramatically during the credit crunch in him. ten years ago. Except secured loan bonds haven’t collapsed like CDOs.

Subprime mortgages were the toxic CDOs – sow ears masquerading as silk stock market credits, with similar price markups – that collapsed during the financial crisis. But because CLOs were backed by senior loans, they didn’t endure the cascade of defaults that plagued CDOs. Leverage loans have grown in popularity, overtaking junk bonds for the first time in a decade, according to data from Fitch Ratings. The total of these loans increased by $ 33 billion in May, to reach $ 1.22 trillion, according to the Wall Street Journal. reports.

The popularity of CLOs has been a major driver of the lending surge, as institutional investors have been drawn to their lower interest rate risk as the Federal Reserve tightens policy and economic expansion supports companies issuing loans. According to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, CLO’s issuance for the year through June 8 totaled $ 56.4 billion, more than $ 39.7 billion for all of 2017.

For individual investors, the closed fund structure offers significant advantages for illiquid assets such as loans or CLOs. Mutual funds have to deal with redemptions, which means sticking to highly liquid assets that they can easily sell. Closed-end funds have a fixed number of stocks that investors buy and sell to each other, so the manager does not need to adjust the portfolio to account for inflows or outflows.

But should you have one? It depends, first, on your tolerance for risk, and second, on the type of CLO investment you choose. Two closed funds,

Eagle Point Credit

(ticker: ECC) and

Capital of Oxford Lane

(OXLC), focus on equity CLOs, the riskiest but most profitable tranches, with returns of up to 15%.

XAI Floating Rate Alternative Income Octagon Term Trust

(XFLT) is more conservative, using the debt and equity of the CLO as part of an overall loan portfolio, with a return of around 9% lower.

“I challenge you to find a better asset class,” says Thomas Majewski, who heads Eagle Point Credit Management, of CLOs. Even during the credit crunch, 96% of the tranches of shares issued in 2006-07 were redeemed. This is a testament to the security offered by the underlying senior loans.

The XAI Octagon fund focuses on what Kimberly Flynn, Managing Director of Alternative Investments at XA Investments, calls an institutional strategy that never goes 100% CLO stocks, but uses debt and CLO stocks to improve performance. returns and provide diversification in a credit portfolio. Although its return is lower than that of CLO equity funds, it offers a higher return to financial advisors who would typically look to an exchange-traded fund with senior floating rate loans, such as the

Invesco Senior Loan

ETF (BKLN). XAI Octagon is designed as a liquid alternative investment, uncorrelated to stock or bond markets, she adds.


Greg Peters, senior portfolio manager at PGIM Fixed Income, favors CLOs for the credit portfolios he helps manage. He prefers the highest quality AAA tranches, as opposed to the softer ones demanded by yield-hungry investors. Indeed, in structured finance, if one part is put on the rise, the others should be relatively less expensive, he explains.

This rich price also extends to closed-end funds which focus on high yielding, but riskier equity CLOs. Oxford Lane and Eagle Point are trading at premiums to their net asset values, but at prices significantly lower than their recent highs. The low yield XAI Octagon fund went public last September and is only trading at a low discount.

What all of these closed-end funds have in common are high expense ratios, even by CEF standards. The funds claim that this reflects the significant research needed to select secured loan bonds. But the high fees will only be worth it if the funds continue to provide high returns when the credit cycle becomes less favorable.

Write to Randall W. Forsyth at

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Moments – Presents several versions of Blockchain Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:37:22 +0000

MILTON KEYNES, UK, April 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Moments, a third-generation open source blockchain ecosystem, leverages the power of blockchain and AI technologies to ‘build the decentralized financial market most complete in the world, create a DeFi Ecosystem: loans, savings, payment applications, automated accounting system ”, among others. The goal is to create a future where decentralized financial products are the order of the day.

Present in 42 countries with over 12 years of industry experience, Moments has completed 280 projects with an investment of over $ 25 million. The company understands the transformative power of AI and blockchain technologies and leverages the ability to influence the future.

Moment Factory Ten Limited launched Moments to meet the needs of international enthusiasts in some Asian countries such as Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Korea, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia.

Moments’ strengths lie in its different versions of blockchain technology. And they are:

Blockchain 1.0, in imitation of Bitcoin technology, allows users to store and trade digital assets securely.

Blockchain 2.0, promotes the smart contract, a concept that allows users to transact online without the intervention of a third party.

Blockchain 3.0, harnesses the powers of the previous two versions of the blockchain to create decentralized applications (dApps). These applications make transactions possible and remove the bottlenecks typically associated with involving intermediaries in transactions.

Finally the MMC concept. The powers of previous generations are combined with new technologies and refined algorithms to create Decentralized Finance (DeFi). The objective of Moments is to integrate decentralized financial products in the financial sector in the future. It thus creates a DeFi ecosystem that performs the following operations: payment request, credit, automatic accounting and savings.


Moments has created products to help them achieve their goals. Some of its products are:

MMC utility token: Moments has also created a utility token, the MMC token. Moment Factory Ten Limited, Moments ‘parent company, issues this token to support all of Moments’ operations.

MMC DEX: MMC DEX is a peer-to-peer exchange where users can trade MMCs, stablecoins, and other crypto assets. It also offers crypto derivatives.

MMC Investments: Moments offers investment packages. Through these packages, users can buy MMC Coin on the platform’s MMC DEX. Coin owners can earn bonuses and dividends on any business investment program.

Own Dapps on the MMC channel: Blockchain investors and developers with no experience or software expertise to own decentralized applications and application tokens powered by the MMC chain by bringing meaningful ideas to the chain. The program also allows the community to list Tokens on MMC DEX at no cost. It provides a platform and a set of tools to build DeFi products on its MMC chain. Through the MMC Games feature, it encourages and supports people with ideas and expertise to contribute and create Game Dapps on MMC Chain.

By leveraging modern technologies, Moments is creating a future focused on blockchain and AI technologies while opening doors for investors to benefit from the potential impact of these technologies in the future.

About the moments

Moments is a third generation open source blockchain ecosystem for buying, selling or making payments with cryptocurrencies, building decentralized applications (Dapps), and providing crypto derivatives and lending services.

The goal is to bring the ultimate DeFi experience to our MMC Chain community by combining and applying the strengths of blockchain technology such as crypto asset security, transparency, privacy, p2p exchange services and smart contracts.

Social connections

Media contact
Society: Moment Factory Ten Limited
Name of the contact: Pierre Thomas
THE SOURCE: Moment Factory

]]> 0 Braves legend and MLB home run king Hank Aaron dies at 86 (report) Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:36:59 +0000

Baseball lost one of its greatest figures on Friday as Hall of Famer and longtime home run king Hank Aaron is believed to have died aged 86.

As CBS 46 in Atlanta First reported, Aaron died early Friday morning. The circumstances of his death have not yet been communicated. The news was then confirmed by Major League Baseball Twitter Account.

Aaron is recognized as one of the most important players in the game. The 25-time All-Star is best known for breaking Babe Ruth’s all-time homerun record, ending his career with 755 career homers. This brand was later overtaken by San Francisco Giants legend Barry Bonds. However, Bonds’ alleged use of performance enhancing drugs changed public perception, leaving Aaron as the “real” home run king in many eyes.

The image of Aaron hitting his record 715th home run in 1974 and being harassed by fans while skirting the base trails remains one of the most iconic moments in MLB history.

Meanwhile, Aaron remains the all-time leader in MLB RBI with 2.297.

Aaron spent 21 seasons with the Braves organization, first when the team was based in Milwaukee and later in Atlanta. He also spent two seasons with the Milwaukee Brewers.

Aaron’s impact on gaming has since been honored with the creation of the Hank Aaron Award, which goes to the best offensive player in each league.

Later in his life, Aaron remained in the public sphere, remaining a prominent civil rights leader. On January 6, he publicly received the COVID-19 vaccine in an attempt to increase public support for receiving the vaccine.

In 23 MLB seasons, Aaron finished with 3,771 hits, 626 doubles, 2,297 RBIs, a batting average of 0.305 and an OPS of .928.

]]> 0 OSAP includes nearly 600 quick programs to qualify for grants and loans Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:44 +0000

Narcity asked you on Instagram what you wanted to know about the latest guidelines and we’ve compiled a list of answers.

Editors Choice: Ontario Sets Up Checkpoints Along Its Borders To Restrict Interprovincial Travel

When do the new restrictions come into effect?

The Ontario stay-at-home order will now last at least until May 20, and most of the new restrictions will take effect on Saturday, April 17 at 12:01 a.m.

Saturday will see a ban on outdoor gatherings between individuals from different households and a break from all non-essential construction. Big box stores will only be able to operate at 25% of capacity, and all recreational facilities, such as playgrounds, basketball and football fields, will be closed.

Monday April 19 at 12:01 a.m., all non-essential interprovincial land travel between Ontario and Manitoba, and Ontario and Quebec will be prohibited and enforced using checkpoints.

Monday will also usher in new capacity limits for church services, weddings and funerals, all of which will be lowered to 10 people indoors or outdoors.

What new powers do the police have?

Under these new restrictions, the police will have additional enforcement powers.

As of Saturday, April 17, “police and other provincial offenses officers will have the power to require anyone to provide their home address and the reason for not being at their residence,” according to the government. Ontario. Release.

In addition, the police will have the power to stop vehicles and inquire about the reasons for a person leaving their home.

If you don’t comply, Solicitor General Sylvia Jones told reporters on Friday that police can issue a ticket with a $ 750 fine under the Emergency Management and Emergency Preparedness Act.

These special powers will only be in effect as long as the stay-at-home order is in place.

Can I still fly inside or outside Ontario?

For now, interprovincial flights are not affected by these measures.

However, Ford has called on the federal government to impose additional restrictions on international travelers at the press conference on Friday.

“We must do more to prevent other, even more deadly, variants from entering Canada and causing more havoc. It means limiting air travel, tightening our US border, and solving the myriad of issues we face with testing and quarantine when people fly to our country, ”Ford said.

We are traveling to Ontario in the next two weeks, should we cancel?

If you plan to travel to Ontario by car, you will not be able to enter unless the purpose of your trip is work, health care services, transportation and delivery of goods and services, or the exercise of rights. ancestral or treaty.

If you plan to enter Ontario by plane, there is no indication at this time that you will not be able to enter the province.

Do we know what will happen to day care centers?

Friday’s announcement made no mention of child care, but on Thursday, April 15, the Ford government announced that free childcare would be provided to essential workers who have school-aged children.

This goes into effect on Monday April 19 and will remain in effect until children are again permitted to attend the in-person learning.

The government provided a list of essential workers eligible for free childcare. If you are entitled to free childcare, you must contact your local service system manager to get there.

What if you lived alone? Are you still able to interact with another household?

Yes, those who live alone are still allowed to interact with another household of their choice.

Can we go to the parks to hike, walk or have a picnic?

The exercise is listed as a essential reason to leave your home under the Home Maintenance Order.

Walking or hiking in a park counts as exercise, so these activities are allowed.

A picnic in the park is not an essential exercise and is not listed as a reason to leave your home.

What is the restriction on weddings in cottages and private residences?

As of Monday, weddings, funerals and church services will be allowed with a limit of 10 people, indoors or outdoors.

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“I have to be sober,” says former prosecutor on drunk driving conviction Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:42 +0000

KALAMAZOO, MI – Getting arrested and getting sober saved his life, former St. Joseph County District Attorney John McDonough told court Thursday.

McDonough, who was charged by the state attorney general with operating under the influence of alcohol and opening intoxicants in a motor vehicle after a May 11 crash near Three Rivers, pleaded guilty Jan. 28 to an additional count of driving a motor vehicle while impaired.

The first two charges were dismissed by Kalamazoo County District Judge Vincent Westra following McDonough’s guilty plea. Westra, who oversaw the case as a visiting judge, sentenced McDonough to one year of probation to include ongoing treatment for alcohol addiction, with the possibility of being released after six months.

Related: St. Joseph County District Attorney’s Case to be Heard by Kalamazoo County Judge

“I understand addiction and the insidious beast that is addiction,” Westra told McDonough. “And my main concern was that you find your way to recovery, because at the end of the day the best outcome, not just for you, not just for your family, but for the community is that you maintain a program of recovery.”

Westra praised the former prosecutor for staying sober for 137 days after overcoming some hurdles early in the process, including breaching his bail condition banning alcohol consumption.

“Liability is not just a sanction imposed by the courts,” Westra said. “The community has held you accountable. You lost a position that was very, very dear to you, something you worked hard for. And you risk losing a career you’ve spent years preparing for. But you recognize that it was the result of your actions, your actions certainly influenced by the beast.

Related: Prosecutor left the scene of the accident before returning, according to police reports

The former prosecutor – who came under public scrutiny following the accident and amid months of absence from work – lost the seat in a landslide in the August primary elections to the recently sworn-in Republican challenger attorney David Marvin.

“It has been an extremely enriching experience for me,” said McDonough, moved and at times in tears, addressing the court.

“I was very grateful that I was able to finish my term with a little dignity. I went back to work the last few months of my tenure and managed the hearings and did everything I used to do. It was a job I was very proud of and gave up. I went out without fanfare, but I’m here and that’s the most important thing.

Attorney Michael Hills, who represented McDonough in the case, said he advised his client against pleading guilty and told him he felt it was a highly judged case.

“He came to see me awhile ago and he wanted to plead guilty to a drunk driving charge and he does and he wants to take responsibility,” Hills said. “And that’s what we’re doing here today, he’s taking responsibility and taking inventory.”

Hills said his client was admittedly suffering from an addiction disorder, but he had done a good job of his recovery, attended several meetings a day and pointed out that he looked noticeably different.

“I was on my deathbed last May,” McDonough said, referring to health issues related to his drinking. “My mother was planning my funeral, my wife was in the hospital and everything was failing. Three weeks ago, I went to see the gastroenteritis and my organs are functioning normally again.

“I have to be sober no matter what or I’ll end up dead and there will be too many things I would give up doing this.” This disease had a complete hold on my life.

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Governor Whitmer touts job creation at local vaccine maker Pfizer in annual address

Letter from the Editor: In a week of sudden loss, we did what reporters do: overcome the pain

A look at where the coaching staff stands after Lions hired Mark DeLeone in Chicago

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Uber’s prescription delivery service expands to New York Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:41 +0000

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Having your prescriptions delivered can now be as easy as ordering dinner.

Uber announced Thursday that it has expanded its prescription delivery service in various cities across the country, including New York.

Through a partnership with NimbleRx, the nation’s leading prescription delivery service, customers can now use the Uber Eats app to request on-demand prescription delivery, tracking their medications every step of the way.

“At Uber, we’re working hard to make Uber Eats your go-to destination for more than just food from your favorite restaurant, convenience store, or grocery store. Today, I am delighted to announce that we are taking one step closer to delivering this reality to our consumers with the nationwide expansion of on-demand prescription delivery in the United States, courtesy of our partner NimbleRx Said Raj Beri, grocery store manager at Uber. and new verticals.

The new service comes at a time when home delivery is a priority, with the new coronavirus (COVID-19) continuing to confine many vulnerable populations to their homes.

“Now more than ever, people are looking for ways to safely and easily get the things they need, and we’re proud to bring the best elements of Uber to prescription delivery,” said Beri.

The expansion of the new program, which allows users to manage new and existing prescriptions from the Uber Eats app, follows a successful pilot deployment to Dallas and Seattle last summer.

“Nimble was built on a simple idea: to enable local independent pharmacies to take better care of their customers by providing them with a high-quality and more convenient experience,” said Talha Sattar, Founder and CEO of Nimble. “Our expanding partnership with Uber Eats is an extension of this mission and will make it possible to deliver on-demand prescriptions at a time when consumers and pharmacies across the country need it most.”

Pharmacies interested in providing prescription deliveries via Uber Health are encouraged to contact via the company’s website.

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How this black teen poetry competition rallies young people across the United States to use their voices for social justice Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:39 +0000

Throughout history, poetry and justice have gone hand in hand. From the classics of Maya Angelou to the inaugural 2021 poem by Amanda Gorman, the convergence of poetry, social justice and activism transcends time across generations. Today, Generation Z is leading the way.

Harnessing the power of creative expression, Isabella Hanson, 14, created the national ‘I Matter’ poetry competition in 2020 to provide a vehicle for young voices who wish to amplify awareness of racial injustices and civil unrest in the United States. United. Honoring Black Lives Matter and powered by Gucci, the contest for K-12 classes drew participation from 26 states last year. The best poems and artwork has been turned into a compilation book honoring the lives of black people slain in 2020, and can be downloaded here.

Skilled in prose and verse, the star writers have written poems on issues such as the contest winner, “Hey Google” by Khabria Fisher-Dunbar, which questions Google’s portrayal of black people, “I CAN’T BREATHE “by Sanai R. Eaton-Martinez, which delves into the impact of George Floyd’s death on black youth, an untitled poem by Charity Fisher, which talks about her struggle as a young black girl,” My Skin is My Shield ”by Ashlyn Poppe, which explores white privilege, and many more.

“I use poetry as an outlet to express myself, and especially after watching all of the footage of the murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor,” says Hanson. “I just thought, if I use poetry, then maybe other kids will like it. I know how hard it is to feel like you can’t express your feelings on difficult matters. Thanks to a grant from Gucci, I created the “I Matter” poetry competition to give this chance to students my age. ”

In no time, Hanson was able to garner the support of NBA player Rob Covington of the Houston Rockets, and the three famous judges of the competition who selected the final winner. Among them are actress Torrei Hart, hip-hop icon Kool Moe Dee and singer Tamara “Taj” Johnson-George.

The first “I Matter” project followed Hanson’s June 10, 2020 celebration, which she hosted to bring racial healing to the community at historic Fussell House – a site that helped more than 2,000 slaves access to freedom. This year’s competition, launched in January, is accepting student poetry and art submissions until July 23, 2021.

Hanson’s poetry competition caught the attention of “Inside Edition”, which put her alongside Amanda Gorman, who Hanson said “gives her so much hope.”

Hanson’s early days of writing poetry at age 11 were inspired by Dominican-American poet and author Elizabeth Acevedo, author of New York Times bestselling “The Poet X,” “With the Fire on High “and” Clap When You Land.

“I met Elizabeth at an event and remember she wrote a poem called ‘A Rat Ode’ dedicated to a teacher she once had who said her rats weren’t enough. noble for a poem, ”shares Hanons. “Poetry is really just a peaceful way to respond to issues that you think need to be brought to light. That’s definitely what I use it for. So after attending this event, I decided to become a poet.

Hanson would like to maintain the “I Matter” competition for a few more years and intends to study business in the future.

“I really like to run things, and I know a lot of black women haven’t run a business,” she says. “So I want to try to increase that percentage. I’ll probably do a minor in poetry in college, and maybe I’ll continue writing, but I’ll focus on business.

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