UNM research team wins NASA MINDS competition

This would allow plants to grow without the help of people to take care of them. “The scope of our project is so wide that a single discipline cannot achieve it, and we need multiple disciplines to accomplish what we are trying to achieve,” said Biraj Silwal, researcher at UNM. …

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NASA simulated asteroid impact, couldn’t avoid crash in Europe

Scientists around the world were embarrassed this week by a fictional asteroid heading for Earth. A group of experts from US and European space agencies participated in a week-long exercise led by NASA in which they were confronted with a hypothetical scenario: an asteroid 35 million kilometers away was approaching …

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NASA’s Parker solar probe went faster than any spacecraft

Through Leah Crane An artist’s impression of the Parker solar probe NASA / Johns Hopkins APL / Steve Gribben The fastest spaceship ever built has almost touched the sun. NASA’s Parker solar probe, launched in 2018, set two records at once: the spacecraft closest to the sun and the highest …

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