Space exploration

Blue and gold orbiters bound for Mars in 2024

As this artist’s concept shows, the “Blue and Gold” orbiters – the ESCAPADE mission – will be launched to Mars in 2024. They have just passed their final mission exam. Image via Rocket Lab / UC Berkeley. Blue and gold orbiters March is a busy place these days. There are …

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NASA Exploration and Human Operations Mission leadership recognizes ARISS

Catherine Lueders, Associate Administrator of the Directorate of the Exploration and Human Operations Mission at NASA issued a statement acknowledging Amateur radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) for his accomplishments in promoting STEM initiatives through amateur radio NASA’s Space Communications and Navigation Networks (SCaN) allow #NASA to inspire the …

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Space in Soviet and Russian Art (PICS)

Yuri Gagarin’s space flight literally changed life in the Soviet Union. Space exploration has become the pride and joy of the country, and a major art theme, both official and unofficial. The theme of space was literally everywhere in the USSR: paintings, posters, building / metro mosaics, postage stamps. The …

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