Space X

Pleasant weather for another SpaceX Starlink launch

CAP CANAVERAL, Florida – SpaceX continues to move closer to its goal of becoming a global Internet provider with every Starlink satellite launch and this week will mark the 13th Starlink launch of the year. The private company plans to launch around 60 Internet-broadcasting satellites from Launch Complex 40 of …

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Manchester scientists to launch low-orbit satellite for SpaceX mission

Dr Peter Roberts, Scientific Coordinator of DISCOVERER said: “The satellite represents the culmination of an enormous technological development over many years. We are innovating with a satellite specially designed to explore the aerodynamic effects in very low orbits of the Earth, while simultaneously measuring atmospheric parameters such as density and …

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STEM students focus on the success of Space X

HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) – Space X has some of the brightest minds working to bring Earthlings to Mars. Ahead of the planetary journey, the brightest stars are in schools at schools in the Rio Grande Valley, including Harlingen STEM² Preparatory Academy and South Texas ISD Science Academy. At Harlingen STEM² …

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