Crew Kickstarts Week Plant Habitat Setup, Cargo Transfer, and Vision Testing – Space Station

NASA astronauts Bob Hines and Jessica Watkins are pictured inside the Cupola, the International Space Station’s ‘window to the world’, after monitoring the successful rendezvous and docking of the SpaceX Dragon space freighter during its 25th commercial resupply services mission on July 16, 2022.

Expedition 67 crew members began their week aboard the International Space Station by setting up plant habitat, transferring cargo and performing vision tests.

NASA flight engineers Jessica Watkins and Bob Hines made modifications to the plant growth chamber. The system monitors space-grown vegetables that could help support astronauts on future missions.

Meanwhile, NASA flight engineer Kjell Lindgren was tasked with salvaging a few cargo items and taking pictures with them for a conference and outreach events. Lindgren and Hines also had the chance to move cargo from the SpaceX CRS-25 Dragon spacecraft.

ESA (European Space Agency) flight engineer Samantha Cristoforetti spent the first day collecting air samples for analysis with the ANITA-2 (Analyzing Interferometer for Ambient Air-2) device. Cristoforetti and Lindgren also worked on setting up the Rodent Research-22 experiment. She and the other NASA astronauts also performed a remote-guided eye exam toward the end of their day.

Commander Oleg Artemyev of Roscosmos participated in a drill session using the Tranquility Module’s Advanced Resistive Exercise Device (ARED) before performing maintenance work. Cosmonaut Sergey Korsakov exercised on the VELO ergometer bike between maintenance work on a laptop computer. Cosmonaut Denis Matveev spent an hour on the bicycle ergometer with vibration isolation and stabilization device (CEVIS) and ended the day by taking measurements of freon in the atmosphere using the analyzer/detector freon leak (FIT).

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