Does a personal loan also suit you?

If you are certain of security and you are between 21 and 68 years old then a personal loan is a suitable form for you.

You can request a personal loan if you want to take out a loan for a specific loan purpose such as financing a car, renovating your home or paying off a residual debt.

That is how it works

You borrow a specific amount with a personal loan. The bank then deposits the amount into your account in one go; you have immediate access to the money. You will repay the loan in fixed monthly installments. That amount is the repayment and the interest of the loan. The loan has been repaid in full on the maturity date of the loan.


The interest on a personal loan is fixed. That gives the certainty you are looking for. The current interest rate at the time of taking out the loan is your interest rate. If interest rates rise or fall during the term, this has no effect on your monthly amount. Your interest rate is not subject to interest rate fluctuations. With us you pay a fixed low interest rate from 2.1%.


The costs of a personal loan depend on your personal situation. Borrowing money is cheaper if you are young. But also if you own an owner-occupied home. The borrowing target can also affect the total costs. If you lend money for a renovation to your home or want to finance your residual debt, the loan is tax-deductible. View our interest rates and find out what interest you are going to pay for your personal loan.


The term of a personal loan is fixed. When you take out the loan, you agree with the bank on the date on which the loan was fully repaid. The term varies in any case between 6 and 420 months. If you want to pay extra on your loan in between, because you have a financial windfall, for example, you can do so free of charge. In this way, you can pay off your personal loan more quickly.

Pay off without a penalty

If you have extra money during the term of the loan, you can use it to pay for the loan free of charge. You thereby reduce the loan. For early repayment on a personal loan, a penalty interest was always charged as compensation for missing out on calculated interest. Nowadays you can pay off without penalty.

Wondering what amount you can borrow for a personal loan? Request a quote online without obligation and receive an appropriate proposal from our partner banks.