Elon Musk just got rid of all his physical assets by selling his California mansion

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Elon musk , who is currently the richest man in the world, officially does not own any property. He has just sold the last mansion in his name which is located in Silicon Valley, California. “It’s just for a big family that is going to be living there. It’s a special place,” Musk said of his house.

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In 2020, he said he was going to get rid of all of his properties in order to focus on more important things, like the arrival of EspaceX on Mars. By the middle of this year, he reported that he had already sold everything except this ten-bedroom, 1,486 square meter mansion. The property was eventually sold for $ 30 million.

The identity of the new owner has been kept private, but Musk likely found exactly the buyer he was looking for. The mansion is known under the name of Guignécourt since it was built in 1912 by Count Christian de Guigné, a Frenchman who married a Californian. The architecture has a European style of the time and is one of the largest lots in the region. Its history, size and design make it a very striking and luxurious property.

Musk currently lives in a house within the SpaceX facility in Texas. The house is very modest and does not compare at all with the rest of the places where he lived. “My main house is literally a roughly $ 50,000 house in Boca Chica, Starbase, which I rent to SpaceX,” the millionaire explained.

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