Elon Musk promises upgraded toilets and Wi-Fi on upcoming SpaceX flight

Following SpaceX’s successful adventure in space tourism, the founder Elon muskElon Reeve MuskElon Musk mocks Biden for ignoring his company’s landmark Inspiration4 space flight and the quest to cure childhood cancer SpaceX’s all-civilian crew returns to Earth, successfully completing a 3-day mission MORE said future flights would see some improvements – one of them being an improved toilet.

Musk wrote on Twitter in response to user feedback that he was planning updates for future missions following a debriefing with the Inspiration4 flight crew. He confirmed that an improved toilet will be a feature of the upcoming Dragon aircraft model, which posed “some challenges” on its maiden passenger flight.


In addition to the upgraded toilets, a small oven to heat food and run Starlink Wi-Fi will also be included.

The civilian crew of Inspiration4 flight – businessman Jared Isaacman, geology professor Sian Proctor, medical assistant Hayley Arceneaux and data engineer Christopher Sembroski – spent three days in orbit after its launch on 16 September.

The launch set the tone for future space tourism trips, although they are likely only available to wealthy passengers given the high cost of tickets.

SpaceX is one of three tech companies making strides in the nascent space tourism industry, with its main rivals being Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic and Jeff BezosJeffrey (Jeff) Preston Bezos Elon Musk mocks Biden for ignoring his company’s historic space flight SpaceX launches first crew into fully civilian orbit in space Tucker Carlson says he lies when “I’m really stuck or something “‘s Blue Origin.

Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin previously sent passengers into space on manned flights.

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