Elon Musk says aliens could be good for SpaceX

In a week that has seen congressional hearings on UFO sightings, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the world’s richest man also has an eye out for unusual visitors.

As part of an extensive interview this week at the All-In Summit in Miami, Tesla (TSLA) – Get the Tesla Inc report CEO Elon Musk discussed various projects he is working on.

In particular, he outlined plans for its Starlink satellite communications system and longer term goals for permanent human bases on the Moon and Mars.

Musk’s SpaceX rockets recently made back-to-back launches to add more satellites to the growing constellation he’s assembling in low Earth orbit. Starlink service is already available in more than a dozen countries and recently played a key role in defending Ukraine against Vladimir Putin’s invasion of the country.

Updated satellites will provide even faster service that will eventually be available anywhere in the world.

Musk told panelists that profits from the Starlink system could be used to help fund the development of a permanent base on the moon.

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As he has done in the past, Musk described his vision of transforming human beings into a “space” civilization, arguing that the audacious goal would serve to inspire young people to “discover what exists, what is the meaning of life, where aliens are. He added that “I hope they’re friendly.”

He noted that the moon could house “epic” telescopes that could be used to search for extraterrestrial life.

True, the serial entrepreneur acknowledges that “I have not seen any evidence of extraterrestrials”. He added that “I’ll be the first to tweet about it…I’ll definitely let you know if there are aliens.”

Musk speculated that “if we found aliens, SpaceX would probably get a ton of extra revenue.” It’s because “people are going to be like ‘Dude! Aliens! We better update our tech ASAP, because what if they’re hostile?’

Although Musk touts the idea of ​​humanity venturing into space as an undeniably good thing, it remains to be seen if the rest of the universe is ready, or even interested, to deal with a life form as well. contentious and contentious.

Tesla shares fell to a new 2022 low on Friday as CEO Elon Musk pledged the clean-energy carmaker’s fortunes were on his mind ’24/7′ as headlines disasters continue to harass the richest man in the world. The stock closed the regular trade down 6.43% at $663.90.

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