For The Warp, Nintendo Switch pre-order is now available

For the chain is now available for pre-order on Nintendo Switch with a February 23rd release date. Originally released in 2019 on Steam, Portugal-based indie development team Massive Galaxy Studios will see their deck-building roguelike coming to the Nintendo eStore. Giving players another way to explore space in the new indie game.

For the Warp is a single-player game that can be played in the different modes offered by the Nintendo Switch. Players can now take the space exploration, roguelike, board game on the road, or stay home and play on their TV. Additionally, players will assume the role of captain of their own ship.

Get your team and survive in For The Warp

Assemble a motley crew to travel a dangerous trade route. With the nearest door chain destroyed, you and your team will now have to take the longer path. Deliver the precious cargo to the customer and make yourself a big profit. But, of course, you have to survive and reach the warp gate first.

The space exploration game features procedurally generated systems as you fight your way through the warp gate. Along the way, encounter allies and enemies, ancient civilizations, and unlock bonuses and ships. Add new cards to your arsenal, increasing your chances of survival and those of your crew. Enjoy For the Warps pixel art by Kirokaze and synth-pop music by Martyn Stonehouse.

More ways to play in the space exploration roguelike game

Priced at $17.99 on the Nintendo Switch. Additionally, for players who wish to try For the chain ahead of the game’s release on Nintendo Switch on February 23. For the chain can currently be found on Steam for $14.99 and for the same price.

Finally, for more information on For the chain, check out the games website. And for all information regarding Massive Galaxy Studio, check out their award-winning one-person studio development website. So pre-order For the chain today and get ready to deliver the goods and survive in space.

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