Funko Reaches New Heights: The Company’s ‘Big Bang’ Pop! the figure was part of the SpaceX mission crew

Funko, the Pop creator based in Everett, Wash. figurines and other collectibles, has broadened its reach in the market. Space.

The company tweeted an image Thursday showing one of its popular toys floating above Earth, thanks to it being packed for the ride aboard Everett native Chris Sembroski’s SpaceX Inspiration4 mission.

Sembroski was one of four civilian crew members who took off last Wednesday and put into orbit for three days before crashing into the Atlantic Ocean off Florida on Saturday. Air Force veteran, space enthusiast and data engineer, Sembroski, 42, got the chance to fly thanks to a college friend who won a charity contest and arranged for Sembroski to fly. go instead.

The mission to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital was funded by Jared Isaacman, the billionaire founder and CEO of Shift4 Payments, who reportedly paid over $ 100 million for the opportunity. The other two team members were Hayley Arceneaux, a cancer survivor who is now a medical assistant in St. Jude, and Sian Proctor, an educator and artist who won an online competition.

Funko said in its tweet that the company donated to St. Jude.

Funko licenses characters from across the pop culture spectrum, including TV, movies, comics, sports, and more. Funko Pop floating and in orbit! was a portrayal of the character Howard Wolowitz, from the comedy television series “Big Bang Theory”. On the show, Wolowitz is an aerospace engineer and former astronaut who eats a particular brand of children’s cereal and gets the nickname “Froot Loops” from another former astronaut.

In his own tweet, Sembroski thanked Isaacman for taking the photo and said “Froot Loops enjoyed his sight”.

Michael Goff, whose relationship with Sembroski is not known, is apparently the owner of Pop! and he tweeted about sending Wolowitz for the ride.

Knowing the collection of Pop! characters in perfect condition, a Funko fan even asked if the figure was out of the box. Goff tweeted that he plans to repackage it upon his return.

The Pop! figurine didn’t make this tweeted image, but here’s a photo of Sembroski and his teammates with an earth background:

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