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Greg Wyler, the space entrepreneur who founded Britain’s OneWeb, plans to put up to 100,000 satellites into orbit this decade with his latest commercial venture E-Space. The company said it raised $50 million in seed funding from Prime Movers Lab, a fund that invests in breakthrough science start-ups. E-Space aims to create a vast “network” of communications curative to the management of remote infrastructures.

Greg Wyler is a technology entrepreneur, engineer, and inventor who designed and founded O3B and OneWeb. He holds over 35 patents related to the design, implementation and use of satellite communications technology. Greg founded O3B Networks, in partnership with Liberty Global, in 2007 with the goal of unlocking the MEO orbit to deliver internet to remote areas without the need to lay fiber. SES, Google and HSBC became investors in O3B Networks in 2009, which raised over $1.2 billion. In 2016, O3B had a firm backlog of $350 million with more than $100 million in current year revenue, and SES exercised its option to purchase the company. After the success of his first venture, Greg moved on to an even bigger endeavor: creating a network of hundreds of LEO satellites to deliver high-speed, low-latency internet to connect unconnected people around the world. He founded OneWeb in 2012 with investments from Softbank, Bharti, Airbus, Intelsat, Virgin Group, Qualcomm, Hughes, Grupo Salinas, Maxar and Coca-Cola. He has raised over $3.3 billion to further OneWeb’s mission to connect every unconnected school in the world and provide the internet to fuel economic growth, improve education, social development, advance equality gender and make health care more accessible worldwide.

Other leaders include Amy Mehlman as Vice President of Global Affairs and Stakeholder Relations, Amy leads E-Space’s collaboration with governments, partners and NGOs around the world to secure access to market and further E-Space’s mission to democratize space. Over the past three decades, Amy has represented a range of innovative technology and telecommunications companies before international government bodies, the United States Congress, federal agencies and the executive branch. She is well known and respected by governments and business leaders as an effective and high integrity advocate who helps leaders understand, anticipate and navigate the public policy environment and global market trends. Prior to joining E-Space, Amy served as Vice President of U.S. Government Affairs and Policy for satellite broadband provider Viasat, working with global stakeholders on international and national policies related to the space sustainability and market access. Meanwhile, Amy was a U.S. government-appointed delegate to the 2019 World Radiocommunication Conference.

Additionally, as Vice President of Engineering, Tim Burke has worked for various cable TV, broadband, mobile and telephone carriers over the past forty years. During this time, he led the functional areas of product development, technology, engineering, network operations, business development, strategy, and M&A technical due diligence. For the past sixteen years he has worked for the Liberty family of companies. He served as Vice President of Wireless Products, Engineering and Operations at Liberty Latin America and was based in Panama. He was responsible for all aspects of the LLA wireless network in 23 countries and five million customers. At Liberty Global, he served as Vice President of Strategic Technology and worked on key wireless, video, broadband, telephony and B2B technology projects in Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America and Asia. . Prior to Liberty, Mr. Burke worked at Level 3 as a contract negotiations manager and at Qwest Communications as vice president of wireless technology.

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