Haiti SpaceX/Starlink Service is a Game Changer to Bring Internet Services to Rural and Underserved Communities

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DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, Aug. 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — RESSCOP & DeLaPorte, Inc, a strategic partnership company of DeLaPorte & Associates, Inc, is referred to herein as (RDI). Over the past three months, RDI has evaluated various satellite service providers in an effort to overtake Internet access in underserved areas of Haiti. When reviewing the top 10 satellite internet providers in the world, we picked SpaceX/Starlink as the best fit.

On June 5, 2022, our leadership team received an official letter from SpaceX/Starlink management to support our efforts to help serve Haiti. For more information, visit http://starlink.com & https://Delaporte.com/gamechanger

June 5, 2022; SpaceX Management has sent an official letter to the Prime Minister’s office in Haiti via our office. Subsequently, on July 6, 2022, a formal request for a request was made to the country’s regulator, CONATEL, addressed to the Director General, for a commercial frequency as provided for and required by Haitian law which should be issued quickly. SpaceX creates a subsidiary that will serve as a locally registered company in Haiti. Starlink needs such a permit immediately, the cost of the permit is around $20,000 and up to $35,000 per year. In the meantime, the Dominican Republic acted immediately and provided SpaceX with all the necessary permits and became the first member of the Caribbean to have access to the Starlink and SWARM program.

SpaceX/Starlink services can be immediately deployed to any location needed for disaster communications. For this to happen, this spectrum license application must be made quickly.

July 12, 2022; SpaceX has received authorization from CONATEL to deploy a two-year test pilot program for 5 selected sites and 20 temporary units for 4 months at the “Civil Protection” for the Office of Disaster Management, including the World Food Program . The nice things about Starlink’s system is not a telecommunications company, it’s purely internet access that doesn’t COMPETE with existing providers. Starlink provides a clear complement to existing telecom and internet operators and is able to provide backhaul services to the existing telecom company’s tower to minimize their infrastructure costs and increase their service capabilities.

• Imagine that every school, library, community, underserved neighborhood in the country had access to the Internet and e-learning access programs at all levels.
• Imagine the population having access to e-health programs that can save lives.
• Imagine the ease of deploying the responses of the emergency programs of WFP, UNICEF, the World Bank, the IDB, the French Agency, Canada, NGOs and others…
• Imagine that people have easy access to mobile electronic money to meet their daily needs.
• Imagine the number of jobs created and the capacity for innovation increased.
• Imagine the government capable of interconnecting all entities and communities.
• Imagine businesses being able to file their taxes remotely, regardless of location.
• Imagine a better communication protocol in place for disaster response.
• Imagine having access to obtain information in all government offices because they are
This is a small sample of the SpaceX/starlink solution that will be provided to Haiti.
In today’s world, the need for complex infrastructure is no longer the best economic advantage for underserved countries. Today, Haiti has a unique opportunity to embark on this deployable virtual infrastructure that will bring the country to meet the demands of the 21st century.
The future development of Haiti is in the hands of those who are empowered to sustain its ecosystem. Let’s make a difference.
For more details on this press release, please visit our website: http://delaporte.com/gamechanger


RESSCOP & DELAPORTE, INC, a strategic partnership company of DeLaPorte & Associates, Inc. that strives to bring diverse businesses to invest, grow, create jobs, increase countries GDP, support education, program of healthcare throughout our ecosystem development programs. We are currently focusing on North America, South America, the Caribbean sector, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa (AMEA).
RDI’s goal is to support the ecosystem of countries only in commercial economic development under a created program we call “Game Changer” by identifying the value of the country and its wonderful people.

RESSCOP & DELAPORTE, INC, a strategic partnership company with DeLaPorte & Associates, Inc.

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