Halle Berry Says ‘Moonfall’ Role As NASA Director Was Important

In February, Lionsgate released a new movie titled “Moonfall.” The sci-fi disaster film presented Halle Berry and other talented actors including Patrick Wilson, John Bradley, Michael Peña, Charlie Plummer, Kelly Yu and Donald Sutherland.


Berry, known for her award-winning role in the 2001 romantic drama “Monster’s Ball,” starred as NASA’s deputy director in “Moonfall.” Since its debut, the doomsday film has garnered mixed reviews from fans and critics alike, and there have been talks of releasing a sequel in the future.

In the meantime, Berry reflected on his role in the film, expressing his joy at playing the role of the fictional head of America’s main space agency. Learn more below.

Halle Berry is grateful for her role in ‘Moonfall’

In a recent conversation with People, Berry gave a touching discussion about his role in “Moonfall”. The actress admitted that she not only liked acting in the film, but also her character had more value than it seemed at first glance.

“This role was really written for a man and probably a white man,” Berry told the outlet. “So putting a black woman in that role was really important to me.

Berry discussed his childhood in the interview. She referenced times when she watched movies featuring black women in lead roles. The actress compared those moments and her recent feature film, detailing how it helped influence her future career choices.

“That’s one of the things that really inspired me to play this character because I know how important those kinds of models and images were in movies and television when I was little,” said she added. “They helped me dream.”

Halle Berry tried to save the world in ‘Moonfall’

In the film, Berry’s character, Jocinda “Jo” Fowler, had to choose between seeking refuge with her child and blasting through space to help preserve the world as the moon’s orbital shift threatens to destroy it. In the end, she joined the crew to continue the journey and helped save the earth from impending doom after luckily surviving several mishaps along the way.

Having to make such tough decisions was one of the many downsides of working in film. The actress went on to say that her relationship with her character’s son reflected her real-life ties to daughter Nahla, 13, and son Maceo, 8, in a way that showed the difficulty of balancing family and profession.

Berry wants his children to become parents and succeed in their careers

Berry knows what it’s like to juggle motherhood and her career. However, letting her children go to work sometimes comes with a sense of guilt that she constantly battles.

“I find it hard sometimes to leave them and go and do my job,” Berry said.

“And there’s this thing called mommy guilt. I’m not sure men feel this as deeply as we do as women, but I fight against it because I want my kids to grow up knowing they can be parents and they can have careers they love at the same time. .”

Halle Berry enjoys her career

Berry fights guilt by comforting herself in her love for acting, and as such, leaving her kids behind for a while to stay on movie sets is a little easier to do.

“I’m a single mom and I’m a working mom – the breadwinner of my family – and so working is really what I have to do, but it’s also what I love to do,” the “X- Men” said the star. “So when I have to go to work, I make it a point to say to my kids, ‘Yes, I’m going because I have to pay for my life, but I also love what I do.'”

The Oscar winner admitted that work-life balance isn’t always possible. Nevertheless, she does her best to make the right choice.

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