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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa) operates various social media accounts and pages that often share space-related images that help us understand a little better what lies beyond our blue planet. For some time now, they have also been sharing the sonication messages that encourage people to experience stars and galaxies through senses other than mere sight. This is a process in which astronomical data collected by different space telescopes is converted into sound. The latest action by the space agency is one example and it has now fascinated people. The article about the sound of the Milky Way’s center may also leave you speechless.

“The sound of space. Celebrate #InternationalMusicDay by exploring the sonifications. Scientists interpret the data from the images by representing them in sound, thus creating beautiful cosmic music! This sonification of the Milky Way center combines data from the Hubble Space Telescope, Spitzer Space Telescope and @nasachandraxray, ”they wrote.

In the following lines, they added more information about the particular share. “The light from objects near the top of the image is higher, while the intensity of the light controls the volume. Stars and compact sources are converted into individual ratings while extensive clouds of gas and dust produce an evolving drone. A crescendo occurs at the bottom right of the image – this is where the 4 million solar mass supermassive black hole resides in the center of the galaxy, and where the clouds of gas and dust are the brightest », They added.

Take advantage of the publication shared by Nasa:


The post, since its sharing, has garnered over 1.8 lakh of views and the numbers are only increasing. He also accumulated various comments.

“Sounds divine,” wrote one Instagram user. “Gorgeous,” said another. “Wow,” commented a third.

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