Here is the image of the Earth from space taken on an iPhone

Elon Musk’s space exploration company EspaceX sent a fully civilian crew last month on an orbital mission. This was SpaceX’s first civilian mission and since then the crew have shared clicked images of Earth from space. One of those images was shared by Mission Commander Jared Isaacman on Twitter.
The image was taken from a iPhone 12 and Isaacman wrote on Twitter: “Unbelievable that a iPhone can take a hit like this. I really like the nose in the photo.

A report from Digital Trends indicates that the mission commander clicked on the image through the “all-glass dome built under the nose cone of the Crew Dragon spacecraft.” The spacecraft took four “civilians” for three days in orbit.
Isaacman also shared a video shot on the iPhone 12. The video was over Brazil on the first day of orbit.
It wasn’t Apple’s only “presence” on space flight. Isaacman, in a response to a question from a Twitter user about whether the flight has USB ports, said, “Yes. Rather important. We had to charge the iPhone we used for the ultrasound device and our flight iPads which contain our checklists, timeline, and other reference procedures.
Other images shared by Isaacman on Twitter were taken with a Nikon camera. Apple has stepped up its camera game in recent years. The latest iPhone 13 series cameras are considered to be one of the best around. The image taken from space gives you an idea that an “older” iPhone can still do a pretty good job clicking images.

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