High school NASA intern works with artificial intelligence

Drina Shah standing in front of the Goddard Space Flight Center. Credit: NASA

Reach for the stars because you might just become one! Drina Shah is fascinated by space exploration and engineering. Engineering and space exploration are two things that Drina Shah finds fascinating. Shah had the good fortune to work on the " data-gt-translate-attributes="[{" attribute="">Nasa CubeSat Launch Initiative Project while in high school. She was one of eight students from her school to become a finalist out of six schools across the country.

Building on her high school accomplishments and her interest in space exploration and engineering, she sought an internship at NASA whose values ​​matched her own perfectly.

artificial intelligence project

Shah is currently a senior at Mooresville High School in North Carolina and a former NASA virtual intern at Goddard Space Flight Center. The project Shah worked on during his internship was an artificial intelligence-based scientific translator for the dissemination of hydrological information.

Dreams come true

NASA’s mission to innovate to benefit humanity and inspire the world through discovery, along with its core values ​​of safety, integrity, teamwork, excellence, and inclusion have inspired Shah to work for NASA. This internship meant the world to her and ended up being the very first job she ever had.

“It was truly a dream come true opportunity for me and I’m sure it will help propel my career and interest in space, engineering and artificial intelligence,” Shah said.

If you’re looking for a dream opportunity, check out NASA’s internship website for more information. You can also feel free to check out other fascinating stories such as Rose Ferreira, who found hope in the Moon, and Nicholas Houghton, who dreams of becoming an astronaut and became an intern with an exciting job.

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