How Starfield Can Be Different From The Outer Worlds and No Man’s Sky

After a long period of silence, Besthesda Softworks, the studio behind the old scrolls franchise, has finally released a new trailer for star fieldan original sci-fi RPG set to release in late 2022. The premise of star field, far future astronauts exploring the frontier of space, is very similar to the stories and game modes of The Outer Worlds and No Man’s Sky. To differentiate its new RPG franchise from these two IPs, Besthesda will most likely have to implement game mechanics that are very different from those of No Man’s Sky, as well as an exploration-friendly game world that dwarfs The Outer Worlds in size.


The first trailer for star field was released at E3 2018, promoting an all-new sci-fi game IP set to join Besthesda’s signature old scrolls and To fall Games. The cinematic footage, concept art and screenshots for star field depict a sci-fi setting that blends the ubiquitous space travel of star wars Where Extraterrestrial with ground-based spacecraft designs from The Martian or the Interstellar movies. In the universe of star field, humanity appears to have spread across the galaxy, colonizing many different worlds in different star systems; at the same time spaceships, space stations, space suits and cargo seen in star field the media resemble advanced versions of NASA technology, while the player characters from the Constellation organization appear to be an idealistic group of star trek-esque explorers pushing the boundaries of human knowledge.

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In the absence of actual in-game footage for star field, many players have tried to predict the gameplay of Bethesda’s new RPG by comparing it to stylistically similar games. Yes star field is going to have gameplay segments where players explore the terrain of wild alien planets and fend off threats with high-tech weaponry, it will likely be similar in style to the core gameplay of Skyrim, Fallout 4or owned by Obsidian Entertainment The Outer Worlds. Yes star field also has a game mode where players fly advanced spaceships between star systems and encounter other spaceships, there will likely be design parallels between this and space flight simulators such as Elite: Dangerous or procedural generation No Man’s Sky.

Starfield May Have More Planets And Side Quests Than The Outer Worlds

Starfield RPG The Outer Worlds Cities

Obsidian Entertainment The Outer Worlds is in many ways a spiritual successor to its previous post-apocalyptic action RPG Fallout: New Vegasa spin-off licensed from Bethesda Fallout 3 Title. The players of The Outer Worlds take on the role of a cryogenically frozen interstellar colonist turned starship captain who recruits a ragtag crew of villains and ventures between planets, space stations and company towns ruled by ruthless (and greedy incompetent) corporations straight exits from the historical golden age. Playability in The Outer Worlds alternates between open-world FPS action battling aliens, robots, or bandits and role-playing interludes where players converse with NPCs, manipulate in-game factions, and determine the future of the Halcyon star system through cleverly designed dialog trees.

Obsidian Entertainment deliberately chose to retain both the open-world alien environments and the gameplay of The Outer Worlds quite a small scope so that he can fine-tune each piece of game content and release it in a timely manner. As a result, classic sci-fi RPG tropes such as starship battles, complex hacking minigames, or romance options didn’t hold. Bethesda Softworks’ strength, on the other hand, is in creating open-world games with lots of places to go and lots to do (even if a few bugs are missed by QA testers), and can easily do star field stand out by giving players more alien terrain to explore, spaceships that can actually be steered through space, buildable bases, resources to harvest, and more characters and quests to interact with.

Starfield May Have More Realistic Space Travel Than Nobody’s Sky

Starfield RPG No Man's Sky Astronauts

by Bethesda star field The sci-fi RPG probably won’t have as wide a reach as the space exploration game No Man’s Skyif only because No Man’s Sky uses procedural generation to create galaxies filled with billions of potential planets, each with their own distinct lifeforms, terrains, and atmospheres. Like many procedurally generated games, the plot of No Man’s Sky is somewhat abstract and minimalist. Stranded at the edge of an uncharted galaxy, the player character must build bases, harvest resources, acquire new and better spaceships, avoid space pirates and/or killer robots, and ultimately head for the core of galaxy supermassive black hole. While Hello Games regularly adds new content to No Man’s Skyplayers can create their own unique stories while exploring a functionally limitless virtual cosmos.

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As No Man’s Sky, star field will put exploration at the center of its narrative and gameplay, using the vastness of the universe and its many mysteries to invoke a sense of wonder and awe. Unlike the star warsstyle and technology spaceships seen in No Man’s Skyspaceships and spacesuits seen in trailers and concept art for star field borrow heavily from actual NASA spacecraft and astronaut gear designs, conveying a sense of realism and authenticity to players. The space exploration gameplay of star field probably won’t be as rigorously accurate as the orbital mechanics seen in space simulation games like Kerbal Space Program Where Children of a dead land.

Still, gameplay elements or asset designs that emphasize the challenges of space travel, the harshness of outer space, and the delicacy of the systems that keep astronauts alive will help players better immerse yourself in the science fiction universe created by Bethesda Softworks in star field. It’s still unclear what the overall narrative of star field will be or what challenges players will face. Perhaps that’s why Bethesda Softworks chose to make this game in the first place.

Open-world RPG like the old scrolls and To fall the games are familiar franchises with deep-rooted core gaming conventions. star field, whatever form it takes, will be a bold and exciting new frontier for Bethesda (much like the expanse of outer space in the game itself). This can potentially take mechanics found in other sci-fi games, like No Man’s Sky and The Outer Worldsand make them even better.

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