How to Track SpaceX’s Satellites Using the Find Starlink Website

After you select a location, a list of dates and times appears, showing you where to look to locate Starlink satellites.

Screenshot of Find Starlink website

Find Starlink

Once you’ve entered your location, the site will display times with good, average, and poor visibility around that area. It tells you which direction to look, how long the satellites will be noticeable and the elevation.

Find Starlink warns users that schedules are not 100% accurate because the orbit of the satellites may change.

“I’d rather keep user expectations and the hype low, so I would say ‘try it at your own risk’ and ‘don’t blame me if you’ve been waiting outside in the cold seeing nothing,'” said the Creator.

The website is accurate four to five days after SpaceX launched a new batch of Starlink satellites, he said, adding that he receives numerous emails daily about successful sightings.

A week after launch, it is difficult to predict where the satellites will be as they are assigned to their level orbit where they are less reflective and more difficult to see from the ground, the creator said.

This is called “rolling behavior,” when SpaceX lowers the brightness of satellites between 300 km and 550 km altitude so as not to disturb astronomers, he said.

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