India wants SpaceX to get license to continue pre-selling Starlink

Image: Starlink

India’s telecommunications ministry on Friday evening warned its citizens not to purchase Starlink services because SpaceX is not licensed to sell satellite internet on the subcontinent.

The warning was issued after the department noted that SpaceX was pre-selling Starlink services in India on its site.

“As a result, the government has requested the company to comply with the Indian regulatory framework for the provision of satellite communication services and to refrain from reserving / rendering satellite internet services in India with immediate effect,” a- he declared.

“Since Starlink is not a licensee, the public are advised not to subscribe to the Starlink services being advertised.”

In 2021, SpaceX missed its own September and October deadlines to exit its beta phase.

The company currently states that users should “expect” speeds of 100 Mbps down to 200 Mbps, and 20 milliseconds latency “in most places.”

Next year, Japanese telecommunications company KDDI is expected to use Starlink to provide link service for some of its mobile towers.

Meanwhile, in India, the BBC reported last week that New Delhi was on the verge of banning all private cryptocurrencies, in favor of an official digital currency issued by the country’s Reserve Bank.

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