Information on NASA’s Dark Side of the Moon mission plans

For the first time in its history, NASA is planning a mission to the far side of the moon.

The new plans involve three trade delivery missions to the surface of the Moon, which will take place over several trips per year to facilitate scientific research on Earth’s closest neighbor. Two of these payload suites will be directed towards the far side of the Moon, towards the Schrödinger Basin, which NASA explains to be a large impact crater near the lunar South Pole. One of these payloads will carry two seismometers as part of the preparation for the Artemis program to return astronauts to the moon and establish a long-term base there, while the other payload will provide lunar instrumentation for thermal exploration with a Rapidity pneumatic drill as well as the lunar magnetotelluric sounder, used to study the heat fluxes and the electrical conductivity of the basin itself.

“These investigations demonstrate the power of CLPS to deliver great science in small packages, providing access to the lunar surface to achieve high priority science goals for the Moon,” said Lori Glaze, director of the planetary science division of NASA in a declaration. “When scientists analyze this new data alongside lunar samples returned from Apollo and data from our many orbital missions, they will advance our knowledge of the moon’s surface and interior, and increase our understanding of phenomena. crucial such as weathering of space to inform future crewed missions to the Moon and beyond.

In other space-related news, the first seat of Blue Origin’s upcoming space tourism flight has sold for US $ 28 million.

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