Kemba Walker “had a bit of discomfort” in his left knee during practice, leading to cautious Boston Celtics plan

Boston Celtics On Monday, Kemba Walker sidelined their second consecutive practice as they exercise extreme caution with their All-Star point guard and his awkward left knee. In a video conference with reporters after practice, head coach Brad Stevens revealed that the plan was put in place after Walker’s first individual practices.

“He had a bit of discomfort after a few one-on-one workouts,” Stevens said. “I think he’s definitely feeling better than he even was in March. But with just the little discomfort, we said, “Let’s take the four days and increase them appropriately. “

Although it is positive that Walker’s knee is apparently better than he was when he returned, Stevens and the Celtics don’t think they can risk pushing too hard, too soon.

“The number one thing is strength and strength around the knee,” Stevens said. “Hard to do that with the four days we just had… we were really hard yesterday and we went at least half hard today, so I think it makes a lot of sense to increase it then when we start again on Wednesday. .. he will live much longer on Wednesday ”

Walker has missed 14 games this season, mostly with left knee pain. The knee inflamed after participating in the All-Star Game, which required it to be emptied. He missed the entire Boston West Coast trip that followed.

Walker struggled in his three games after his comeback, missing his signature glow that allowed him to pass defenders, land him free throws and set up his devastating pace-changing jumps. He shot 27.9% from the floor in those games and just 20.8% from 3 points in 29 minutes per game.

Stevens once said they were going move very slowly with Kemba Walker, what he recognizes is not ideal. But the Celtics are trying to make sure Walker is not only healthy for the start of the playoffs, but can be 100% for the rest of his time in Boston.

“(limiting him) may mean he’s a little late when we start the scrimmage game and when we start playing the seeded matches from his normal minutes, but his health is the most important thing. “Stevens said. “And it’s not just for this particular period, it’s for the long haul and the strength around the knee is important.”

The Celtics will speak on Tuesday before returning for practice on Wednesday and Thursday. Their first exhibition match is on July 24 and their first ranking match is a week later.

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