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No, Kim Cattrall is not going to space but she approached it a few years ago.

Earlier this week, many people on Twitter appeared baffled by a surprise exchange between the Sex and the city star and NASA following a tweet published on June 14 by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration announcing that when Artemis-1 circles the moon later this year, it will be absent from astronauts. The passenger alone will be “a very important one” – a dummy. The post elicited a tongue-in-cheek response from a dedicated fan account at Star Trek and L’Orville which connected the “supermodel” to the 1987 comedy starring Cattrall alongside Andrew McCarthy about a department store model coming to life.

“Latest news!” posted @startrekeire a day later. Kim Cattrall was chosen to fly aboard NASA’s Artemis-1 mission which flies around the moon later this year. Congratulations Kim, I wish you good vibes! The fun exchange could have been another time LOL as quickly as quietly if Cattrall hadn’t responded with a picture of her in a NASA spacesuit, showing up for work.

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Kim Cattrall in space.
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Cattrall’s post led many to conclude that it was official confirmation of impending space travel with several prominent influencers on Twitter. NASA continued the mannequin joke, responding to Cattrall’s image: “This is a giant leap for mannequins. “

The Hollywood Reporter can confirm that while Cattrall isn’t replacing the dummy on Artemis-1, she does have some of the skills required for a space adventure thanks to a trip to NASA’s Space Camp in 2013. Cattrall spent time at US Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, where she got comfortable in several official costumes and developed her skills in the galaxy. According to the official website, “Space Camp is a one-of-a-kind experience” that has hosted interns of all ages from the United States and 150 countries in programs that help teach “the history of space and flight. , work in a team, experiment with simulators, complete simulated space missions and learn what it really means to be an astronaut. “

Return to Artemis-1: NASA now calls the lone passenger a “moonikin”, but only briefly as it is now asking the general public to help them choose a permanent name from a list of choices. Unfortunately, Cattrall is not in the final listing.

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