Let’s talk about sex (in space), baby

Last week, SpaceX’s Inspiration4 mission got us thinking about the future of space tourism and the possibility for us ordinary people to one day have a vacation among the stars. But this week, a sex toy maker wants us to think about sex in space.

While we all thought Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket New Shepard looked like a penis, there’s more to this idea of ​​sex in space than rich men sending phallic objects into the sky.

Take a step back

We-Vibe, a sex toy maker that touts itself as a “global brand of pleasure,” has teamed up with a group of researchers called Erobotics Research Consulting to explore the embarrassing reality of space tourism and how to overcome it.

In a report titled Sex Tech In Space, We-Vibe argues that “space exploration is trapped in an old paradigm defined by the dominant fields of engineering, physics and mathematics.”

That is, since the 1950s space exploration has focused more on rocket science and astrophysics and less on the human side. Space agencies know how to launch spaceships but they don’t know how live in the space.

The report argues that in the very near future of space travel, exploration and colonization, the fields of life sciences and social sciences will become extremely important.

“The next chapter in space exploration will require a lot more from diverse fields, researchers and industries… we will have to learn to live, thrive and be happy in space,” he says.

OK, so where does sex in space come into play?

If current predictions hold true, there will be thousands of travelers and space workers by 2040, to the point that some could eventually live there for years to come.

“One way or another, these people will certainly aim to meet their intimate and sexual needs through solitary or partnered sex,” the report says.

“Traveling and living in space for extended periods of time requires the honesty to recognize these needs. “


We-Vibe argues that masturbation is a much more convenient solution for sexual gratification in space.

“While the idea of ​​bringing a sex toy on a space trip might seem odd, we might need it very soon,” he says.

There is a little to consider here

Thanks to physics, there’s a little problem: there’s a lack of gravity, a lack of privacy and conditions for, uh, liquid removal, aren’t exactly the best.

“The lack of research and the huge taboo treatment of space orgasms makes it difficult to test our products in real space conditions, but we already have technology that could help overcome some of these challenges,” We-Vibe responsible for sexual empowerment (what title) says Johanna Rief.

But fear not, they are working on it.

Some final thoughts on sex in space

Erobotics Research Consulting says, “Going forward, space agencies and the public who support them need to be reminded that addressing issues of human sexuality from a positive, scientific, empathetic and inclusive perspective is paramount to our health. , our well-being and the success of our extraterrestrial life. ”.

They argue that it should be remembered that sexual health is health, sexual rights are human rights, sexuality means diversity, pleasure is fun and important, and technology can help.

Now you have things to think about before considering a honeymoon in space, eh?

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