Loans for Business Entrepreneurship Fund, as well as incentives and facilitations

What are the non-repayable loans for female entrepreneurs currently available according to the relevant regulations?

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Despite the updates of the statistical data, which continue to raise the Italian economic situation, more and more people find themselves without a permanent employment, struggling to find small and temporary jobs generally under a bargain for days.

Precisely for this reason a good part of the youth population tries to gather their strength to open their own business, becoming the employer of themselves. Taking advantage of the money lost, made available to the State, in this case related to the female entrepreneurial category you can make a project or a service active, benefiting from the facilities provided.

Through this article we will deal with all the necessary characteristics and requirements to access the lost funds made available to the State as female entrepreneurship.


How to Have Incentives and Incentives for Female Entrepreneurship, Loans to the Lost Fund included

What are the non-repayable loans made available by the Italian State? Even before entering into the necessary requirements it is good to briefly explain the specific type of such facilities. Non-repayable loans are generally disbursed by public bodies, under state preparation, in order to promote the opening of various activities for specific categories of self-employed entrepreneurs.


These loans do not provide for the obligatory refund of the sum disbursed, granted in particular to the youth and female entrepreneurs. Just in favor of female entrepreneurship was enacted the law number 215 of 1992, integrating the benefits provided by the grant funds for companies established or still to be realized under a greater number of female presences employed within it.

In this case it will therefore be necessary to possess certain requisites: in the event of a company to a single holder the same must be a woman; in the case of a partnership, 60% of female members will be required; in the case of a joint-stock company, two-thirds must belong to women, including one-third of the administration involved.

At the same time the company will have to register fewer than fifty employees, a total budget that does not exceed 5 million euros, a turnover that does not exceed 7 million euros, without being employees compared to other companies. In addition to non-repayable loans there is also the Guarantee fund, used by the female entrepreneurial group to apply for loans guaranteed by the Italian State. At the same time, it will therefore be possible to apply for both the repayable loans and the guarantee fund.

Microcredit may be requested by female companies already open and launched on the market for at least 5 years, in possession of a VAT number, without presenting more than 5 employees. Other types of non-repayable loans provide for the repayment of only one part of the loan under an interest rate, however subsidized. Invitalia’s Autoimpiego agencies can also provide funds lost to women entrepreneurs who are unemployed or job-seekers. Non-repayable loans are made available through various notices highlighted by the official websites of the region or by the Ministry of Economic Development.