Mars hope comes true – deep space beckons

“But the story does not end there, as the new science we will be doing for this mission, and the new discoveries we will make on Mars will benefit humanity as a whole and future missions will be designed and built on. the basis of these findings. “

The UAE’s space program is already planning to build on its spectacular success on Mars – and the flight of the country’s first astronaut to the ISS last year – with a Luna rover slated for launch in 2024 and prepare the Emiratis on their first deep space journeys with Earth. Analog mission based.

Rover project leader Hamad Almarzouqi said the 10kg, 70cm tall rover will carry instruments designed to help humans better understand the moon during its 14-day operational lifespan – in preparation for the manned exploration of our satellite.

Named Rashid after the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, father of the current Sheikh and one of the founders of the United Arab Emirates, the four-wheel rover will study the properties of the lunar regolith – the soil – which covered the spacesuits of the Original Apollo astronauts.

“Rashid will test different materials proposed to protect astronauts, technologies and future robots from regolith,” he said.

Meanwhile, the UAE Analog Mission is an eight-month mission conducted to an analog ground-based facility in Moscow to study the effects of isolation and confinement on human psychology, physiology, and team dynamics.

Program director for the March 2117 program, Adnan Al Rais said the mission will provide vital data for use in distant space missions to Mars and beyond.

“A UAE crew member and five other crew members from different parts of the world will participate in this simulation and analog mission.”

An experiment investigates the practicality of converting carbon dioxide to glucose for use on long journeys and on future planetary colonies.

Sharaf says the Hope mission and the UAE space program as a whole are a giant step towards creating a new space-driven ecosystem for the desert nation.

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