Media We Love: For All Humanity

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Media We Love: For All Humanity

Marcy Curran recommends For all mankind

Over Labor Day weekend, my husband and I watched all three seasons of For All Mankind on Apple TV+.

I was already watching episode 5 of season 1, when my husband got interested. So, naturally, we started over. The series uses an alternate reality timeline. He plays with the idea of ​​what might have happened if the Soviet Union had been the first to land on the moon and the global space race had never ended.

I’m old enough to remember the day America’s Apollo 11 landed on the moon – July 20, 1969 – and how excited I was that day. So when Apple TV+ released the series (Season 1 premiered in November 2019), I refrained from watching it, because it tells a very different story from what actually happened during the space race.

Why I liked

But the launch of Artemis 1 that will soon take us back to the moon – via the Orion spacecraft – has brought back the thrill and excitement I felt over 50 years ago with the Apollo missions. So, I decided to watch the first episode of For All Mankind, to see what I thought of it.

And, in fact, I found the story of the series intriguing, because it mixes history and fiction. I enjoyed the alternate reality and side stories about people and events. It makes you think about the idea that A change can lead to many completely different results.
Also, the series shows how difficult, dangerous and challenging it was and remains to go to the moon to this day. Plus, you clearly see the toll it takes on everyone involved in space exploration.

So if you want good space exploration entertainment – mixed with a bit of soap opera drama – you’ll enjoy watching For all mankind.

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Bottom line: In this episode of The media we loveEarthSky Editor-in-Chief Marcy Curran Recommends the TV Miniseries For all mankind.

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