Mini loan from 100 euros up to a maximum of 600 euros

Request a mini loan from us!

Cashper minilening

Request a mini loan from us? Do you need more financial spending space? Then a mini loan from us may be the solution for you. With us it is possible to take out a mini loan from 100 euros up to a maximum of 600 euros. This mini-loan provider has been operating on the financial market for some time now and therefore you can quickly borrow a small amount with peace of mind. us is known for its user friendliness and the fast way of working. If you are going to apply for a mini loan with us, you will do so via the comprehensive website of this mini-loan provider.

Request a mini loan

Applying for a mini loan at us is quick and easy, as with all providers you can also apply for a loan online at us, which means that borrowing a small amount is quickly arranged.

As soon as you request a mini loan from us you will have to mail some documents, if the request and the documents are received, the us employees will start with your application, you will be kept informed by email and by SMS. the application.

If the mini loan application has been approved by us then you will have the money in your account the same day.

Additional service options with us

You can also request a mini-loan with additional separate service options or an extra bundle of benefits. This means that if you order a discount bundle you can request a mini-loan with even more ease. Of course, it is not mandatory to pay for extra options, but there are cases where you want to borrow money, for example, and then it is so nice that you have the opportunity to pay a little extra to achieve this. Whether you make use of a paying or free option, the service is always good with this mini-loan provider.


To request a mini loan from us you must meet the following conditions:

  • you must be 21 years of age or older
  • you must earn a net wage of 900 euros
  • the previous mini loan must be paid off

Mini loan with BKR

With a BKR code you can also take out a mini loan with us, your financial situation will be examined and on this basis the application will be canceled or approved. The duration of the mini loan is standard 15 or 30 days.

Request mini loan by SMS

If you are already a customer of us then it is also possible to request a mini loan by SMS . 

There are no additional costs for sending an SMS to request a mini loan from us.