Mini loan without payslip

Request a mini loan without payslip? Its possible.

minilening zonder loonstrook

It can happen to anyone you are without work but you do need money because your car needs to be repaired or because the rent has to be paid. You need fast money for this, the solution can be a mini loan without payroll . The mini-loan is quick and easy to request online from one of the many mini-loan providers. Remember that you have to pay the mini loan back at the end of the term and if you do not have work it can be a lot more difficult to meet your payment obligation. The question remains so it is wise to request a mini loan with a benefit .

Close the loan without payroll

As described above, you can take out a mini loan without payroll and without BKR testing. This makes it possible to transfer money to your account within a few hours without having to pay a payslip. Before that, you have to find a mini-loaner who wants to lend you money without payroll, not all providers will do this.

What amount borrow without payroll

 How high the amount you can borrow without a pay slip will depend on how often you have already concluded a mini loan in the past. With a mini loan you can borrow a maximum of € 800, – with the first application the amount will often not exceed € 500, – afterwards it will be checked whether this amount will be paid back properly and on that basis, the next credit request higher amount can be borrowed.

As the name suggests, a mini loan or flash loan is a loan for which a relatively small amount can be borrowed. You can close multiple mini-exercises next to each other without payroll or BKR-testing. Please note that a mini loan must also be paid in time otherwise there will be extra high costs on top of the amount of your mini loans still to be paid.

What are the costs of borrowing without a pay slip?

No additional costs are involved in borrowing without a pay slip if it concerns a mini loan. Only if you do not pay the mini-loan on time will (high) costs arise, so pay on time.

Term when borrowing without pay slip

Because you want to borrow money without payroll you can only take out a mini loan and the term of a mini loan is very short. In most cases, the term for loans without payroll is maximum 45 days, but also terms of 14 days are no exception. So before you take out a loan, think of whether you can pay the borrowed money at the end of the term, if this does not work out you will incur high costs and in the worst case a collection agency will be called in and this is of course the last thing you want.