NASA alert: 130ft fast asteroid on its way to Earth! Imminent danger?

Could this space rock heading towards Earth be a danger? Here is what NASA says about this asteroid.

NASA recently conducted its first planetary defense test against potentially deadly asteroids. Called the Double Asteroid Detection Test or DART test, the mission’s objective was to crash a spacecraft into the asteroid Dimorphos to divert it from its path. Although this test was successful, it is not yet known whether the asteroid was actually deflected. Thus, the Earth is not yet safe from an asteroid impact. In fact, a huge asteroid is already on its way to Earth, NASA has warned.

Key Details of Asteroid 2022 SU21

NASA has warned that an asteroid named Asteroid 2022 SU21 is heading towards Earth and is expected to fly past the planet tomorrow, October 7. It will make its closest approach to Earth tomorrow at a distance of just 1.2 million kilometers. NASA says it’s already on its way to Earth, traveling at a staggering 71,712 kilometers per hour, nearly 5 times faster than a hypersonic ballistic missile!

According to, asteroid 2022 SU21 was discovered last month, on September 27. It belongs to the Apollo asteroid group and takes 731 days to orbit the Sun. During this journey, its maximum distance from the Sun is 391 million kilometers and its closest distance is 84 million kilometers.

China will also conduct a planetary defense test

China is ready to conduct its own asteroid deflection test by 2025. This is done in order to prepare against potential asteroid dangers in the future, as part of the planetary defense system. The China National Space Administration will research the means of planetary defense systems capable of deflecting asteroids from their trajectory, according to a statement made by Wu Yanhua, deputy director of the China National Space Administration on Central Television. from China.

According to, China is also developing a simultaneous asteroid sample return and comet rendezvous mission that is expected to launch before 2025.

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