NASA expert responds if there is an ocean on other worlds, or just Earth?

About 72% of the Earth’s surface is covered with liquid water, but are we the only planet in the universe with an abundance of water, or are there others?

A new video part of “We asked an expert“The YouTube series explores the question of”Are there oceans on other worlds?In this week’s episode, NASA planetary scientist Lucas Paganini explains that Earth isn’t the only planet that has water and that there are actually an abundance of planets that researchers have identified as having water.

Additionally, Paganini explains that you don’t have to go very far from Earth to find planets or even moons with water, as some are found in our solar system. Paganini says moons such as Jupiter Europa’s moon and Saturn’s moon Enceladus could harbor liquid oceans beneath their icy crusts. Planetologists explain that the oceanic worlds are at the center of researchers’ concerns because water is a building block of life, which means that the worlds that house water potentially have life.

Jacques Connor

Jacques Connor

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