NASA is investigating Navy UFO videos: “There is something over there”

Growing number of UFO sightings by military pilots and civilians is spurring NASA action. New administrator Bill Nelson has said the space agency is paying serious attention to the sightings and investigating because at this point the sightings defy explanation.

Navy pilots spotted objects flying near sensitive government facilities. Commercial airline pilots and other civilian aviators have witnessed similar sightings in which they describe objects that appear to defy the limits of known aviation technology.

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As a former member of the US Senate Armed Services Committee and now the head of NASA, few have more information about eyewitness testimony than Nelson.

“We do a lot. I’ve actually seen and been told about these movies that you’ve seen. I’ve spoken to these Navy pilots… never seen before,” Nelson told FOX 13.

“It’s not just those few Navy pilots. It’s happened now among a number of aviators. So there’s something there. We just don’t know what it is.” , he continued. “So what I did when I got into NASA a month ago, I asked our chief scientist and the Science Branch if they would look at it from a scientific point of view. and see if that could shed more light on the matter. “

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Nelson said they couldn’t rule out the possibility that a foreign adversary had made a technological leap and could use it to spy on US national security interests.

“That’s why we have to find out, because if there is an opponent with this type of technology, we absolutely have to be very, very careful,” he added.

Nelson said he expects the Biden administration to release an unclassified version of a report relating to the sightings in about a month.

the New York Times said earlier this month that the report says the U.S. government cannot give a definitive explanation for UFOs but has found no evidence that they are linked to aliens.

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