NASA Receives 8 2022 Webby Award Nominations

Since its inception in 1958, NASA has been mandated by law to publicize its work “to the fullest extent possible.” From typed press releases to analog photos and film, NASA has moved efficiently to social media and other online communications. In 2022, the agency even presented its first interactive graphic novel. NASA’s broad reach on digital platforms has been recognized by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, which awarded NASA eight nominations for the academy’s Webby Awards this year.

“NASA is honored to receive so many nominations,” said Marc Etkind, NASA associate administrator for communications. “The range of nominations – websites, podcasts, videos, even an interactive graphic novel – show NASA’s broad reach in digital communications and our commitment to sharing the excitement and benefits of space with as many people as possible.”

NASA nominees

First Woman – NASA’s Promise For Humanity – “First Woman” tells the story of Callie Rodriguez, the first woman to explore the Moon, aiming to capture our attention and unite the next generation of explorers. NASA/National Institute of Aerospace (Apps and Software: Integrated Mobile Experience)

NASA’s Curious Universe: A Day in Space – This special episode features sound recordings and personal reflections collected by astronauts aboard the International Space Station. NASA (Podcasts – Individual Episodes: Science and Education)

NASA’s Curious Universe: James Webb Mini-Series – This four-part narrative podcast mini-series explores the science, engineering, people, and launch of the James Webb Space Telescope. NASA (Podcasts – Limited series and specials: health, science and education)

NASA’s Global Climate Change – The latest news, features and data on our changing planet. NASA/JPL-Caltech (Websites and Mobiles – General Websites and Mobiles: Sustainability and the Environment)

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Virtual Tour – Takes visitors through the 168-acre laboratory, including mission control, spacecraft assembly clean rooms, and the Mars Yard. Each location is integrated with dozens of points of interest, including videos, fun facts, and pictures. NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (virtual and remote – general: science and education)

NASA Social Media: Building a Community of Explorers – With millions of followers, NASA’s flagship social media accounts provide the agency with a collective audience that spans platforms and diverse groups of people. NASA (Social – Features: Best Overall Social Presence – Brand)

NASA Solar System Exploration – Launched in October 1998, the Solar System Exploration website is a living, real-time encyclopedia of robotic exploration of our solar system. NASA/JPL-Caltech (Websites and Mobile Sites – General Websites and Mobile Sites: Science)

‘Snacktime With NASA’ – ‘Snacktime With NASA’ takes viewers on a delicious tour of NASA’s role in agriculture here on Earth and in space, with recipes bringing space food to your plate . (Social – Social Content Series & Campaigns: Education & Discovery)

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