NASA Recognizes Montana Teachers

HELENA – NASA has recognized 2 teachers from Montana for their teaching at the Montana Learning Center on Canyon Ferry Lake.

“All of a sudden, on the NASA website, I was on the front page on day one, so again, it’s kind of surreal,” said Arlee High School science teacher Bill Stockton.

Stockton was not only nominated for Montana Teacher of the Year 2022, but was also featured for the work he and Livingston’s teacher Chris Pavlovich did for NASA’s Northwest Earth and Space Sciences Pathway (NESSP) program. , and creating an introductory course on Next Generation Science Standards for teachers across the state through the Montana Learning Center.

Montana Learning Center executive director Ryan Hannahoe said the recognition was a happy surprise.

“It kind of blew our minds, especially on a teacher appreciation day during teacher appreciation week,” Hannahoe said.

Stockton says it is truly a great honor to be appreciated by NASA.

“It was nice to be able to honor all of the people who helped me get into the positions I was cleared for,” Stockton said.

Pavlovich received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Education and would be featured on NASA’s website.

“The fact that NASA reached out to a teacher kind of reinforces that, and I feel like it elevates the profession and as far as media goes, you know because to me that profession is already elevated, but it kind of shows that’s what we’re doing, and that’s important, and we’re very professional and take it seriously,” Pavlovich said.

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