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NASA is looking for a contractor who can provide cybersecurity and privacy support for all of its centers and facilities, according to a recent Request for Proposal (RFP) on

The new contract aims to provide enterprise cybersecurity and privacy (CyPrESS) solutions and services to the agency’s office of the chief information technology officer (OCIO).

The early contract comes after a May GAO report pointed out that NASA is at “higher than necessary risk of cyber threats.” Additionally, the report found that the agency performs its assessment and authorization (A&A) of IT systems “inconsistently and inefficiently, with the quality and cost of assessments varying considerably” across the agency.

However, the report indicates that the CyPrESS contract could be essential in addressing these issues. The contract is “intended to eliminate duplicate e-services, which could provide the agency with a vehicle to reset the A&A process to more effectively secure its IT systems,” the report said.

CyPrESS will consist of a one-time award, indefinite delivery and indeterminate quantity contract for a period of eight years and 10 months, including a 60-day phased-in.

The expected CyPrESS contract award date is November 8, 2021, with basic work starting February 1, 2022.

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