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NASA took to Instagram to share a photo of Istanbul, the city looking radiant.

By Khyati Sanger

PUBLISHED MAY 28, 2021 12:24 IST

NASA photos are always eagerly awaited due to their breathtaking nature. Recently, the space agency shared several fascinating images from space, including those of the South Atlantic Ocean and the Orion Nebula. Among their latest actions is a photo of Istanbul, a bustling city in Turkey.

NASA shared the photo of Istanbul on May 27, capturing its nightlight from space. “Hey, Istanbul. You shine! Says the caption. Looked!

The photo was taken by the International Space Station (ISS) on May 10 as it orbits 263 miles above the Black Sea. NASA goes on to say that images like these serve more than an aesthetic purpose. “The photographs show how the planet is changing over time, from human-caused changes like urban growth and the construction of reservoirs, to dynamic natural events such as hurricanes, floods and volcanic eruptions,” says the caption. .

The post garnered over 2.7 million likes and nearly 35,000 comments. Several netizens posted heart-eyed emoticons in the comments section, while those from Istanbul praised NASA. “Hello from Istanbul,” commented one. “This is the only common photo I know of with the person I’m in love with. Thank you Nasa, ”posted another

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