NASA study shows woman admits sexual experience with dolphin

A woman took part in a very bizarre NASA-funded experiment that involved dolphins, and these adorable sea animals are said to have become so close to her that they even attempted to have sex with her. Although published some time ago, the story has gone viral lately.

You can see his interview below:

According to an old source from, Margaret Howe Lovatt has always had a love for animals since she was a little girl.

Her earliest memory begins with a book about a talking cat given to her by her mother as a child that sparked a lifelong fascination with animals and the way they communicate.

It also led Margaret to be part of the NASA-funded experiment in the 1960s. She spent long periods with dolphins and made a strong connection with them, reports Ladbible.

When interviewed by the BBC, Margaret mentioned a dolphin named Peter, who used to rub against her knees, hands and feet in a sexual manner.

She said: “It was sexual of her – it wasn’t sexual of mine, sensual maybe.” Margaret was 20 when her brother-in-law told her about this program over Christmas 1963.

Her brother-in-law said there was a “secret island” that was used to work with dolphins. Margaret went to the lab to find out what was going on and met with the lab director, Gregory Bateson.

Bateson let Margaret observe dolphins (although she had no scientific background) and write her theories and it was there that he knew she was talented as she was able to spot animal behavior, which ultimately resulted in secured its place in the study funded by NASA.

Margaret spent time with three dolphins named Peter, Pamela and Sissy who participated in the study. “Pamela was very shy and fearful. And Peter was a young man. He was becoming sexually major and a little mean ”, Lovatt says.

“Peter liked to be… with me, “ she said. It was rubbing on my knee, foot or hand and I allowed it.

“I wasn’t uncomfortable – as long as it wasn’t too hard. It was just easier to integrate that and let it go, it was very precious and very sweet, Peter was there, he knew I was there.

She continued: “It was sexual of her – it wasn’t sexual of mine, sensual maybe.” It would just become part of what was going on like an itch, just get rid of that, we will stripe and we would be done and move on.

“I was there to get to know Peter, it was part of Peter.”

The study was set up by American neurologist Dr John Lilly, who hoped the experiment would teach dolphins how to communicate with humans by making human sounds through their tiny vents. given LSD.

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