NASA tweets brilliant image that may make you a little introspective, Science News

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) never fails to amaze us. Not only is the US space agency at the forefront of space exploration and research, but its social media feeds are also widely admired for jaw-dropping images and interesting space-related information. And it never fails to captivate us.

So what’s on the menu this time around? An image of Earth, but with a twist.

As the new month dawned, NASA tweeted a photo taken by its Cassini probe which is studying Saturn. The image shows Saturn in all its glory with the majestic rings. But also represents a curious blue dot.

“You are the.

In 2013, the Cassini spacecraft captured this wide-angle view of Saturn and part of its rings. That pale blue dot just below the rings? It’s Earth about 898 million miles (1.4 billion kilometers) away,” NASA explains in its tweet.

The image is perhaps a lesson to the self-centered human race who probably think they are the center of the universe. As you move away from the planet, other celestial bodies overshadow us. And all conflicts seem sterile. It’s the only planet we have. No other space rock has been found to support life like ours. Peaceful coexistence is so hard, huh?

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