Request a loan to buy things

The  loan offers the possibility of purchasing a product at one of the numerous sales outlets, even if you do not have the necessary cash amount.

Finanziamento Unieuro

Is one of the largest consumer electronics and home appliance chains in Italy and offers its customers a wide range of products for each sector: computers and tablets, telephones and smartphones, TV, DVD, home cinema, audio, iPod and Hi -fi, consoles and videogames for all ages, cameras and camcorders, leisure time, small and large appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators. Thanks to its innovativeness it is also possible to make purchases from the comfort of home, through their official website.

Despite the very affordable prices of the commercial group, often there is the possibility of having the necessary amount of money, but thanks to the financing you will now have the possibility to realize your desire.

It is possible to request a loan thanks to the agreements stipulated between the commercial group and an independent credit company that will have the task of evaluating the client’s request and deciding whether to dispense the sum of money. Affiliated credit companies such as Unicredit, Agos, Findomestic etc. it can be one or more of one giving a greater choice to the customer according to their needs.

therefore, will only be an intermediary between the customer and the bank and will have no responsibility for the positive or negative outcome of the loan application, and in case of further information it will therefore be more appropriate to contact the credit institution that will provide the sum of money.

What is needed for loan?

To get the loan you must be over 18 and be an Italian resident with a demonstrable income. It will be enough then to present, directly at the shop where you have decided to make the purchase, a valid identity document, your tax code that can be obtained also by presenting the health card and a document certifying your income: the the last pay slip in the case of an employee, the Sole Model in the case of a self-employed person and a pension slip for pensioners.

The repayment of the loan will take place following the classic methods: payment of installments, with an amount established at the request stage, repayable monthly with a charge on your current account or through generally precompiled postal bills.

To boost sales, the company provides zero-interest loans during certain periods of the year.

What are zero-interest loans? These are loans, always provided by external credit institutions, which do not provide for the addition of interest to the sum disbursed. In a classic financing, in fact, there are almost always interest rates and bureaucratic and management costs related to the practices, which increase the final expenditure to be reimbursed. With the interest rate loan, on the other hand, only the value of the purchased product will be reimbursed.

For example, by deciding to buy a new 500-euro fridge with small monthly installments during the promotion period with zero-interest loans, after verifying that the Tan and the Taeg applied to the loan are both zero, we will return to the bank exclusively the amount initially requested, without having to add additional money.

zero rate loans are not offered in a fixed period of the year, for anyone who wants to take advantage of this advantage for the purchase of an asset, the advice is to keep informed about the various promotions made available also through promotional flyers.